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Liverpool Cruise Ship magician brings show to Aloft Liverpool


AND for his next trick … Mersey magician Steve Price is getting ready to perform his new stage show at Aloft Liverpool – and hoping he’s not forced to do another vanishing act!

Steve, 40, from Hoylake, will be returning to the North John Street hotel from July 3, with his unique Magic on the Mersey show.

And he says: “I’m so excited. I can’t wait.

“There is nothing quite like the adrenaline of standing front of people and taking them to a world where anything is possible.

“I am happiest when I’m making other people happy.”

And he adds: “Let’s not forget that audiences have been missing out too. The chance to gasp and cheer, and forget the worries of life, is something we all need.”

Steve, who’s spent years providing entertainment on some of the world’s stop cruise liners, was due to take the cruise ship to the shores with his Magic on the Mersey before Christmas last year after being forced to stay on shore when coronavirus brought the floating travel industry to a halt.

A new lockdown forced the master illusionist to bring the curtain down once more but, now restrictions are being lifted, Steve is once again excited to be preparing to wow audiences with his own brand of down-to-earth magic and humour.


He says: “When the show had to be cancelled, there aren’t words that can describe the feeling.

“I’d spent four months planning and preparing the show, and then suddenly everything was off (little did we suspect it would be eight months before we could return).

“I’m not the sort of person to sit back and complain so I took my magic show in a slightly unusual (and unexpected direction) performing all over the world without leaving my front door…”

Steve began performing online, initially for virtual Christmas parties and then, as word spread, for more and more different groups.

“To begin with I was unsure about how well they’d be received, but they were really successful. I mostly performed for groups that were used to having ‘speakers’, so what I could offer was a bit different – and a bit more interactive.

“It did present its own challenges – if everyone was muted, it felt like I was performing in a nuclear bunker. If all the microphones were turned on, I could be interrupted by a dog barking, or a phone call, or even a cuckoo clock. Then of course, there were the technical aspects (which were new to me) and what tricks should I do? You can’t ask someone to take a card and you can’t borrow objects from the audience. I usually learn two or three new tricks each year. Last year I learnt 10!”

But he adds: “No-one is quite sure what the situation will be in the future, but I know that I can present two different shows that don’t require volunteers on stage which is ideal, because I’m anticipating that this will be the requirement when I get back on board a cruise ship going to the Shetland and Orkney Islands from Liverpool later in July.”

Until then, Steve will be checking into Aloft Liverpool with a few more tricks up his sleeve and delivering his special brand of magic, using everyday objects like newspapers, rope and cards: “I’ll be fortunate to be performing Magic on the Mersey one week and on a cruise the next, still striving to be creative and original.

“I’m looking forward to Aloft because it’s a small, intimate venue that ensures everyone has an excellent view of the show. Like I said, I can’t wait.”

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