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Liverpool Loves 2016: Here are 7 things Liverpool Loves – Can you add to the list?


Excitement is mounting for the start of Liverpool Loves 2016, things kicked off today for Liverpool Loves Business at the Crowne Plaza, tomorrow is all about Liverpool Loves Merseybeat and of course Saturday sees the main Festival Day take over the Pier Head. It got us thinking about what really makes our city the best in the world?

Here’s our run down of what makes our heartbeat the loudest.

Liverpool Loves Music

Liverpool Music - The Cavern - The Guide Liverpool

Music Some say we Scousers started the 60’s music revolution and who is going to argue with the iconic status of The Beatles, Cilla and Billy Fury? Not only did we start it, but we’ve lasted the test of time too! From Echo & The Bunnymen, OMD and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, right though to Cast, Atomic Kitten and Mel C. Check out the whole new wave of Liverpool talent gracing out stage at Liverpool Loves here.


Liverpool Loves Banter

We’re famed for our sense of humour and with comedic legends such as John Bishop, Ricky Tomlinson and Ken Dodd, Liverpudlians have had the masses in stitches with our typical scouse ways. If you can’t buzz of yourself here, you’re an easy target! Watching tourists learn our accent is hysterical too! Take it from Korean Billy as he’s got it down to a tee!


Liverpool Loves Sport


Two words: Jurgen Klopp. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and Evertonians are just in denial. Anfield and Goodison are places of worship alongside tonnes of boxing gyms, dance studios and pools. It’s safe to say we’re a sport mad city that’s produced some phenomenal talent from Olympians and pro footballers to gymnasts. Kids in this city are some of the most talented and dedicated around playing footy, riding horses and trampolining before they can speak in full sentences. Little league…awwwww.


Liverpool Loves Architecture (Proper Big Buildings)

Liverpool Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral Wig Wam - The Guide Liverpool

Well, how many cathedrals have you got, because we’ve got two! And we bet you don’t have two humongous mythical birds watching over your city from three magnificent buildings that crown our stunning maritime docklands? Do you have a handful of major sporting stadiums (including the new stand at Anfield that can be seen from North Wales) or a plateau that can hold not only thousands of people but also a couple of giants too!


Liverpool loves Scran (Food)

Bretta & Co - the Guide Liverpool

What do you fancy? Because you can literally have the world on a plate in Liverpool. Just take a wander down Bold Street to sample a wealth of dishes from Japanese, Italian, Turkish and Morrocan cuisine….in just 500 yards. From American Pizza Slice (pepperoni all the way) to Mowgli’s Indian street food, (try the gun powder chicken and chat bombs) and the tonnes of Brazilian rodizio’s, it’s no wonder we’re a city of greedy gets! Check out our top BBQ restaurants here.


Liverpool Loves Legends


Graduates from our fabulous universities and schools have gone on to represent the city in all four corners of the globe, and we all love a little brag, don’t we? James Bond, Dr Who and a young Inspector Morse all hail from the North West…..and talking about legends,  who could forget Art Attack legend, Neil Buchanan? Director Phil Redmond, Playright Willy Russell, Politician Edwina Currie and a tonne of sporting talent like Gerrard, Carragher, Baines and Barkley are just the beginning of a huge list of Liverpool legends we came up with (My own contribution was including Mrs Bouquet/Bucket)  Did you know that singer, Lita Rozzer was the first female and first scouser to have a UK number one single with track ‘How Much is that Doggy in the Window’ in 1953?


Liverpool Loves Animals

Liverpool Pride Dog - The Guide Liverpool

Speaking of dogs, we’re a city of animal lovers with more farms than you can shake a lambs tail at! Farmer Teds has the cheekiest goats, Home Farm, Croxteth has the cutest piglets and Acorn Farm has the friendliest lambs. Did you see the rainbow dog at Pride last weekend? We’ve even got our own Guide Dog puppy training centre that brings communities together to help those in need. And if all that isn’t enough to prove our obsession with animals, we’ve even got elephants, rhino’s and giraffes frolicking (do rhino’s frolick?!) around Knowlsey Safari Park!


Can you add to our list?

If so comment below, we would love to hear from you and the best one will get a shout out on the main stage no Saturday at the Pier Head (fun starts 11am!)



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