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Liverpool ONE Gift Guide: The Best Toys this Christmas



Buying for little ones can be difficult but Liverpool ONE has you covered!

We’re spoilt for choice when to comes to spoiling our kids this Christmas, but with so much selection, we’ve picked out some highlights sure to bring smiles all round – and it might not just be the kids who’re enjoying themselves with classic names and brilliant interactive fun!

The Barbie Store 

The Barbie Store is everyone’s dream Barbie destination – and it’s not just for younger fans. You can take selfies in the life-size Barbie box then shop for limited edition Barbie clothes and accessories for kids and adults, like hair accessories and super cute items including the Barbie bum bag, £10.99, stylish silver backpacks, £20.99

Then of course, there’s the world famous Barbie dolls – including Barbie Astronaut doll, £11.99, and mini mermaid dolls at only £7.99.

Visit The Barbie Store

The Entertainer 

Owleez are interactive pets that need taking care of and teaching to fly with plenty of cuddles, food and playtime together. Owleez change colour with their mood and love to laugh together – and watch out for the surprise hidden inside. £39.99. For children aged 6-10.

Get ready to battle with Nerf Laser Ops. Go head-to-head with this live action two-pack, ready for battle right out of the box with lights, sound-effects, quick reload buttons and team score indicators. £12.50. For children aged 6+

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Elsa’s Jewellery Box

For fans of Frozen 2 comes Elsa’s jewellery box for all your Christmas treasures. Elsa and Nokk figures turn round-and-round, with a lockable drawer, two beautiful rings to keep safe and a mirror to see how pretty you look. £39.99. For children aged 3+

Wrecked Shrimp Boat

Scan the Wrecked Shrimp Boat with a phone and watch as your imagine come alive, and the more you play with this ghost-hunting model, the more things start to happen in the app! £24.99. For children aged 7+

1974 Porsche 911 Turbo

Build, race and display one of the world’s most recognisable classic sports car models with a mini figure cockpit, removable windshield and authentic features like the whitetail rear spoiler. All you need next is the keys. £12.99. For children aged 7+

Visit The LEGO Shop

Disney Store

Frozen 2 Singing Dolls

The kids will love reliving the magic of Frozen 2 with Anna and Elsa Singing Dolls! Dressed in an all-new outfits, these enchanting dolls burst into songs from this instant Disney classic when their hand is twirled. Priced at £17.00 for children aged 3 and over.

Toy Story 4 Potato Pals Playset

Little ones enjoy lots of mixed up fun with this Potato Pals Playset! Inspired by Toy Story 4, it features Mr Potato Head as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Forky, Bo Peep and Duke Caboom. Suitable for ages 2+ and priced at £30.00.

Vist Disney Store

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