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Liverpool ONE launches new recruitment drive to boost hospitality & retail roles in the city


The online job market is often a lonely, frustrating place to be when you’re looking for a new role. It can leave too many people feeling (wrongly) that they don’t have the skills or experience they need to make a move.

Now Liverpool ONE, which boasts over 170 shops, bars and restaurants wants to change this perception with the help of a new recruitment drive offering a welcome to everyone (and their CV) in an open-day opportunity.

On Tuesday, October 12th, retail and hospitality teams looking for new staff will be posting signs outside their front doors inviting people to come in and say hello while delivering their CV.

And at the same time for those people without the technology at home to print their CV, Liverpool ONE will be operating a CV printer service from the Tourist Information Centre in Wall Street throughout the day.

Donna Howitt, Place Strategy Director at Liverpool ONE, said:

“We know there are some fabulous people out there looking for a job and we believe in an industry that is all about great customer service and working with others, the best way to recruit is to get out there – or rather get into Liverpool ONE and meet the employers!”

Businesses who are based at Liverpool ONE are ambitious, too, to use this day to bust some common myths around working in the industry.

They know, for example, that too often people feel they might not have the right skills or experience because they’re coming from a different sector or straight from school or college.  Donna added: “But so often what our employers are after is people with an interest in their outlet or restaurant, a can-do attitude and enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

“The skills can be learned or developed once the job starts.”

Restaurants offer a wealth of opportunities in the sector for people who want to get into HR, marketing, catering, IT and more. For people who want to grow in a sector that is full of opportunities.

And Liverpool ONE also wants to embrace pools of untapped talent and part of that, they say, is recognising the power of the more mature workforce too!

Donna said: “It’s right that there is a focus across Merseyside on enriching the vocational training and job experience of people coming out of school and college, but we know there are people with skills right under our noses – men and women in their 40s, 50s and 60s who’ve developed expertise and talents throughout their working life, both in the retail and hospitality sector and outside of it too, who are a perfect match for the businesses based in Liverpool ONE.

“They not only bring a wealth of experience to the table but play a pivotal role in inspiring and mentoring, training and supporting younger people in the industry. We are therefore asking young people coming down on the day to think about if they have an older friend or relative whom they could bring along with them to benefit from the day too.”

To help people get the most out of the recruitment day, employers have been sharing their ‘get ready to meet us’ advice on everything from the preparations to make before the day to creating a CV to take along.

The guidance is posted on Liverpool ONE’s website at

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