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Local Music Spotlight: Emilio Pinchi talks Threshold Festival & more


When did you first realise music was for you?

After about 5 years of absolutely sucking at guitar


Describe yourself as an artist?

I’ve put out an EP that sounds kind of lo-fi I guess, but that was more because I recorded it in my kitchen than anything else. The songs were all pretty anti-folk but the next thing is gonna sound different. So I guess ‘not wanting to stand in one place too long’ is my answer?

You are playing Threshold Festival this weekend, why should we buy our tickets to this festival?

Because there’s literally something for everyone at this festival. Not even just something, like, lots of things! I’ve discovered so much music I’d never have come across otherwise, and literally made so many friends with other musicians I’ve met there. It’s just an awesome weekend. Go! It’s super cheap as well, so go make memories!


Where and when can we see you?

I’m playing on Saturday 2nd April at Unit 51, 6pm. It’s being run by the awesome guys at Liverpool Calling and Yeah Buddy!, the rest of the lineup is super slick too.

What else does 2016 have in store for you?

I guess new music is probably the main point! Ever since the Trying Man EP was released, I started sifting through old demos and writing a whole bunch of new stuff to see where to go next. So a new release of something is like 97% a sure thing I’m gonna say. But for now, I’ve put Sober At The Party on Soundcloud, so you can listen to that and think about the future.


Give us three other artists on the Threshold lineup you would advise us to go and see?

I really love Peaness at the moment. I didn’t even get their name until I said that sentence out loud and people laughed at me. But you have to go and see them! They’re on Friday. Saturday’s got Kusanagi and I love anything post-rock, so go see what they’re all about! And on Sunday my pal Grace Hartrey is in town all the way from Cardiff, so you really ought to go catch her and grab some folky-goodness.




Naps are boss! Being sober at the party isn’t (well the song is but the sobriety isn’t). We think you could write about literally anything – Tell us about your song writing process?

Haha, thanks, 10 points for that! Well I once got a really good bit of advice from this Scottish guy who said you should never let yourself get stuck in a rut when it comes to writing. I took that to heart I guess, so I always try and do stuff differently every time. And I try to write about different stuff too – or at least the same stuff from a different angle. I hope that’s not too cryptic?


Finally where can we find out more about you?

Facebook for all the main stuff – www.facebook.com/EmilioPinchi

Soundcloud for new music – www.soundcloud.com/EmilioPinchi

Twitter if you wanna be friends – @EmilioPinchi



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