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Local Music Spotlight: Meet SheBeat ahead of Threshold Festival


Tell us SheBeat’s story in music so far?
After almost three years writing and performing self-penned songs, I’m still really enjoying the Liverpool music scene. So many opportunities to perform to friendly music-loving crowds is what keeps us singer-songwriters going! After the success of my first EP in 2014 (which you can find on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify) I’m preparing to release my next collection of tracks in June, recorded at Motor Museum Studios with James Mellor. It’s a more intimate sound, I wanted to give you goosebumps – for the right reasons! Really enjoyed recording my sessions for BayTV show Arts Alive: Acoustic, and after a few ‘on tour’ spots in London and Manchester last year, I’m looking forward to meeting new crowds in Scotland and Ireland this year too.

You are heavily involved in the local music scene, what do you love most about it?
The audiences! The many good people of this city who leave the comfort of their living room to support new, unsigned, independent, original artists are legends in my opinion! To those of you who turn up on a rainy mid-week gig night – bless you and thank you! I also love the creative collaboration of the musicians in Liverpool. I am often asked to do backing vocals for music making friends and I was thrilled when Peter Jackson offered to play keys on my first EP. It’s one big music making love-in round these parts sometimes 😉

Threshold is just days away, for anyone that has never been why should they get involved?
Threshold is such a gem of a festival – you WILL find your favourite new artist(s) this weekend! Without Threshold how would you find them? I’m certainly looking forward to discovering some new music…


Choose 3 other musicians on the Threshold line up you would advise us to go and see?
Science of the Lamps are a fav must-see. Bright young thing Sam Cooke is playing the stage I’m hosting and I’m thrilled cos he’s such a talent. I’m also fan-girling all over Emilio Pinchi, poor lad! He is a real talent though – go see!


What else does 2016 have in store for SheBeat?
The new EP is out in June – look out for my launch party. I’m also looking forward to playing new spaces as well as old favourites.

What other events in Liverpool are you looking forward to?
LIMF at the Bandstand will hopefully return in the summer and Africa Oye is always a good day out, but of course my favourite fest is the very hairy BeerdFest on September 3rd 😉


Let’s talk Liverpool – favourite music venue?
A good venue promotes gigs and keeps its music makers warm and refreshed: Constellations in the Baltic Triangle has been good to me on all fronts, so they’re my fav!

Favourite song ever by a scouse musician?
Difficult choice!
I’m going to have to say my favourite for today, because there are too many to choose from for ‘fav song ever’ haha
Paul McCartney for Helter Skelter (I know its tagged Lennon/McCartney but I think this was his gem)



Best Bar & best restaurant?
Bar: I really love old pubs, and there are so many awesome old pubs in Liverpool! One of my favourites is the Ship & Mitre.
Restaurant: hands down, no contest, Mowgli on Bold St, simply the Best. Eats. Ever. I’m totes #smitten haha


Where can we find out more about She Beat and when can we see you at Threshold?
Saturday April 2nd at 4pm at The Gallery on Stanhope St (Golden Platform stage)





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