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Lush Liverpool has launched a Christmas Wreaths service


Lush Liverpool’s florist has launched an exclusive Christmas Wreath service on the ground floor.

They are 100% compostable, and organic wreaths with a choice of decorations and festive foliage.

The perfect final touch for your festive decorations!

The frame is made from willow and dogwood, decorated with traditional Christmas greenery such as holy ivy and bay. Customers can choose from different organic ingredients.


Fruit decoration is dried in-house, other materials come from suppliers like OrganicLea, a community-run vegetable box scheme in Chingford.

Lush Liverpool is the only shop in the UK offering this service. The prices are £17.50 for a small wreath and £30.00 for a large.

These wreaths are part of a huge range of Christmas products that are available for purchase at Lush Liverpool this Christmas.

From bath bombs to body conditioner, there are loads of Christmas-themed items to choose from on their dedicated third floor. You can also wrap your presents with ethically sourced wrapping paper.

With care for the environment, the Knot Wraps can be wrapped in dozens of ways, and then reused however you desire. The material for the Knot Wraps can be recycled from our plastic bottles, organic cotton from the women’s cooperative Re-Wrap in India, or Vintage designs.

The Lokta Paper Bath Bomb Wraps are a brand new for this Christmas 2019. Lokta paper is made from the Lokta plant and is produced by hand in Nepal by a group of women at a social programme, initiated to create employment for marginalised women in the area.

In addition, Lush has gone a step further this festive season and has upgraded its Christmas Floor with a Gingerbread house, Christmas rockers, lots of candy canes and winter drinks available at the new coffee kiosk upstairs.

Suzie Hackney, Lush Creative Direction said “Customers have an abundance of ways to gift with us. Everything is special. Whatever you choose, a lot of thought has gone into each item.”

See more pics in the. article gallery below.

To see all of the Christmas products at Lush, click here.

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