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Maray launches new dishes for Autumn


Maray is welcoming the arrival of Autumn by introducing several delicious brand new menu items.

Executive chef, Alex Navarro, who joined the team earlier this year, has done an exceptional job developing a selection of seasonal dishes that represent Maray beautifully.

Taking cues from the Middle East and North Africa, whilst also giving a subtle nod to Paris with some of the cooking styles and techniques, using local produce wherever possible – and offering more dishes than ever before for our vegan guests.

Braised rice and lentils with Ormskirk kale and Aleppo chilli oil

Vegan highlights include wild mushrooms with cannellini beans, a deliciously comforting and moreish braised rice and lentil dish, bolstered with local Ormskirk kale and Aleppo chilli oil (which is rapidly becoming a staff favourite and perhaps a new Maray cult classic), and sweet carrots in a sour tamarind glaze, with creamy hazelnut butter and punchy pickles.

From the non-vegan portion of the menu – Pan-fried sea bass with a spiced parsnip and chickpea puree will please all fish lovers, a rump steak served simply, rare, with some good salt and Cafe de Paris butter to melt on top for the meat fans.

Rump steak Cafe de Paris butter

Maray’s staple Lamb Kofta dish has been updated with a creamy saffron tzatziki.

Kofta and saffron tzatziki

And then a personal favorite – beautiful bright pink slabs of cured loch trout served with a soft boiled egg, crostini, harissa cream cheese and pickled beetroot.

Perhaps the dish that has whipped up the most excitement online so far comes from the dessert section of the menu, Maray’s brand new medjool date bread and butter pudding with condensed milk caramel.

Bread and butter pudding

The dish has been described by more than one person as a religious experience.

In January guests will be able to enjoy 50% off all our vegan and vegetarian food from Mon-Thursday as part of our annual GREEN JANUARY initiative.

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