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Meet the baker who has re-created Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in gingerbread form and learn how to do it yourself!


To get concert-goers into the Christmas spirit this year, the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall have commissioned accomplished baker, Debby Donnelly-Addison, to create a 40kg gingerbread replica of their venue

Inspired by the creation, kitchen design and retail specialists, Magnet, have provided 10 expert tips on how to create your own gingerbread house at home this Christmas.

Over the weekend, Debby Donnelly-Addison, also known online as the Boho Baker, took to Instagram to share her Philharmonic Hall replica with her 10.1 thousand followers. The amazingly detailed design took Debby three days to build.

Debby, who described the project as the ‘commission of dreams’, commented: 

“The Philharmonic holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve performed on the stage, I went to college and university in the building opposite, then a few years later I moved in across the street. I’ve attended countless concerts there too, so to be part of their Christmas celebrations is such an honour.

The gingerbread Liverpool Philharmonic will be on display in the foyer throughout the Christmas concert series over the next few weeks. Make sure you catch a peek if you’re attending any of their wonderful shows.”

10 expert tips on how to create your own gingerbread house this Christmas 🎅🏻

If you are feeling inspired by Debby’s incredible design, the team at Magnet have put together 10 top tips to make sure you’re ready and prepared to create your own festive gingerbread home in your kitchen this Christmas!

  1. Go on Pinterest to get inspiration

Before you start baking and decorating, it is essential to plan out your idea for your gingerbread house so you can prepare the right amount of ingredients and which decorations you’ll need. Take inspiration from Pinterest, using similar images to the ones in our list to get an idea of the design aesthetic you are going to go for. We have collected the top 20 most popular designs from Pinterest, which can be downloaded from the Dropbox folder here.

  1. Have all your equipment ready

Before going ahead with the baking and creation of your gingerbread house, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all your tools and ingredients laid out before starting. Nobody wants to be half way through the process and be missing candy cane or chocolate buttons for decoration!

  1. Cut out your shapes before your bake

Once you have a good idea in your head of the design you are going to do, it is important to prep and cut out your gingerbread house shapes before baking to avoid breaking the gingerbread when attempting to cut out the shapes once it has been baked.

  1. Decorate before assembling your gingerbread house

It is recommended that you decorate your gingerbread pieces before going ahead and assembling the structure of the house, to avoid ruining the icing and to ensure all details and decorations are aligned.

  1. Keep the icing workable by covering with a damp cloth

Icing dries quickly and can often go hard, making it difficult to work with. Therefore, it is important to keep your icing workable by covering it with a damp cloth. This makes the sometimes tricky and tedious job of decorating your house a whole lot easier!

  1. Add frosting on the inside to keep the pieces in place

To avoid the leaning tower of gingerbread, make sure you ice the inside of your gingerbread house to create a stable structure. This will mean your gingerbread house will stay standing for much longer.

  1. Give time for your icing to dry to avoid ruining your gingerbread house

Building your gingerbread house is an exciting festive activity but take care not to rush ahead. Allow time for the icing on your gingerbread house to dry out properly to avoid ruining the entire thing! We recommend leaving it to dry overnight before transporting your gingerbread creation anywhere.

  1. Add a battery operated tealight for added effect

To add an extra element to your gingerbread house, adding a battery operated tealight is great for added effect! Turn the tealight on at night to create the perfect homemade christmas decoration in your home!

  1. Cover your gingerbread house up at night to protect it from dust and keep it fresh – also eat your creation within a week for freshness

Once your gingerbread house has been constructed and is looking all festive, it is essential to remember to cover the house at night to protect it from dust and bugs! SImply grab a plastic cover big enough to cover the entire structure to ensure your gingerbread house can last for as long as possible!

  1. Get your friends and family involved

Building your own gingerbread house is a great festive family activity for all! Gather your friends and family to help out, and build your own little village of gingerbread houses. Make sure if any children are helping you supervise them when using tools.

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