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Merseyside gets a new export as Liverpool Coffee officially launches


A new, locally-roasted coffee, aptly named Liverpool Coffee, has recently launched and is available across the city and beyond.

Created by co-founders, Mike Baugh and Merseyside-born Jerry Canady, Liverpool Coffee offers a signature bean, which consistently receives amazing high scores from The Coffee Association.
Having initiated the idea for the brand, influenced by the city and its culture, over four years ago, the business duo has spent their time since bringing their vision to life.

Jerry & Mike

Mike said: “Liverpool is known for a lot of amazing things, and perhaps one of the most prominent associations with Scousers is friendliness. Those who’ve lived in Liverpool, even for a short time, often comment on how much it feels like ‘home’ and we wanted to take this feeling and serve it up in a warm cup of coffee – a true taste of the city. Jerry was born and raised here in Merseyside, so it was important to us that our coffee reflected our heritage and all of our beans are roasted locally, right here in Liverpool.
“After years of hard work, research, dedication and perseverance, we now have the winning formula which includes the world’s best coffee beans, the best British coffee roasting techniques and the history of Liverpool in one journey from seed to cup. Last year’s lockdown gave us the time and headspace to focus on the brand, and we are now in a position to shout about Liverpool Coffee and give the world a real taste of our city.”
Liverpool Coffee is available to purchase online and is also available in wholesale options for businesses and are available in both individual or bulk quantities.
Jerry added: “Liverpool Coffee is accessible to everybody – from those who are working from home and look forward to a refreshing morning brew to local coffee shops who want to show their customers the best in local roasting. We’re also receiving high demand from those looking to send our bags of coffee as gifts to loved ones missing Liverpool from afar.
“It’s so rewarding for us to be able to hold our product in our hands, especially as the concept has been ‘brewing’ for quite some time. The last 18 months have been difficult with the ongoing Covid-crisis, but we used this as an opportunity to put our ideas into action behind the scenes and we’re so grateful that we’ve been able to come out of it all with a new business to our names.
The launch is also so timely as we start to see the UK reopen and people are meeting for their coffee catch-ups once more.”

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