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Merseyside Police want you to have your say on how they tackle serious & violent crime


Merseyside Police want your opinion on how they tackle serious crime in our region

As survey has been set up by Merseyside Police which gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on how they fight crime in our area, specifically focusing on their recent Operation Target.

Yesterday (21st November) #OpTarget officers were in #Liverpool carrying out activity to tackle serious and violent crime.

Operation Target was launched in July and is a major policing operation which aims to tackle serious and violent crime and put the people responsible for committing it behind bars will be launched across Merseyside. It is a a forcewide operation which has seen extra dedicated staff brought in, additional resources and equipment and targeted intelligence in a bid to tackle serious violence head-on

During the activity yesterday officers conducted 30 stop searches of people in the area and arrested 10 people for offences including possession of an offensive weapon, drug driving, theft and possession of drugs.

Other activity resulted in a stolen bike being recovered and a car being seized during a roadside operation.

Open land searches also took place in the Westminster Road and Melrose Road areas including roadside operations on Commercial Road, Westminster Road, Rocky Lane and Belmont Road.


Inspector Jordan Quinn said “This activity is absolutely crucial in enabling us to track down criminals and take them off our streets.

“These tactics remain the ‘bread and butter’ of policing and I’m pleased with yesterday’s result and hope this shows those living locally that we are continuing to carry out this sort of activity on a daily basis and will do everything in our power to keep Liverpool as safe as it can be.

“I would continue to urge anyone with information to come forward. Passing on information about where weapons are being stored, who is carrying them and who is dealing drugs in your community is essential to allow us to take action.

“Supplying, dealing and taking drugs cause significant harm in our communities and we must educate young people of the consequences of their actions. We will continue working proactively with other emergency services, various partner agencies and our ambassadors to reassure the public and disrupt those actively involved in criminality.”

Now Merseyside Police want to hear from you – Is this something you want to see more of? How does this activity make you feel? You can have your say by filling out the survey here.

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