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Movema aim to tackle obesity and promote diversity with their latest dance project, World In A Box 


Liverpool is a city with movement running through its veins. From the come-and-go nature of the docks and the constant flow of tourism, to the abundance of award winning physical theatre and dance projects, the region feels lucid; ever-evolving and never stagnant.

One organisation that are at the heart of this perpetual energy are the innovative Dance Company Movema. 

Founded in 2009 by Penny Caffrey, Ithalia Forel, Maria Malone and Pei Tong, the unique, Not for Profit organisation represents the vibrancy and diversity of the UK. Their vision is to increase their reputation for quality, creativity and innovation in their work; to create a well structured and sustainable business model in order to allow the team to explore new opportunities nationally and internationally. 

Movema has worked across the world and currently operates in Bristol and Liverpool where they work tirelessly amongst the community to celebrate different cultures via various dance led projects. As well as their own endeavours, they have teamed up with Africa Oyé to deliver fun, all-inclusive activities in the annual festival’s Active Zone and are working with Milapfest to produce a stunning ‘Baraat’ performance for LightNight 2019. Now, after reaching out to thousands of people every year through festivals, dance classes, and nationwide performances, ‘World In A Box’ is their most creative venture to date.

According to Public Health England, 60% more children are classified as severely obese in their last year of Primary School compared to their first year. This has been a huge, recurring, problem in the UK, as young children appear to be gaining weight at an unhealthy rate throughout their early school years. ‘World In A Box’ aims to tackle this issue whilst also delivering a cultural education.

“We can’t wait to let more people know about it and get more children active and learning about world cultures” – Maria Malone, Co-Director, Movema

The box has been created for Primary School teachers, Community Group Leaders and Dance Teachers and is packed full of useful fun tools that will hopefully transform active lessons from an anxiety inducing compulsory to the highlight of the week’s schedule. 

Every box contains 3 units with 6 varied lesson plans that guide all participants through a new, easy to learn dance. From the energetic flair of the Spanish Fiesta, to the soothing movements underneath the Amazonian sky, each session incorporates elements of geography and music and promotes the diversity of other cultures. It certainly sounds a whole lot more exciting than the awkward, poorly planned dance lessons that so many of us experienced at Primary School!

It is available to buy now from the new ‘World In A Box’ website here. 

Or if you would like to see the box in action, you can book a one off workshop for your school or dance group here to see Movema experts lead a selection of activities using ‘World In A Box’.



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