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Nadine Coyle will be the Bongo’s Bingo special guest for St. Patrick’s Weekend


One of Bongo’s Bingo favourite times of the year has just passed – that’s right, all of the Xmas excess and glittery revelry is now gone – so attention has turned to another most splendid celebration already on the horizon. That’s right, the St Patrick’s Weekend is back.

Bongo’s bingo LOVES St. Patrick’s weekend Liverpool.And helping to add an extra dose of magic across the fabled Guinness-infused shenanigans, there is a true sensational special guest joining in the Bongo’s Bingo madness once more, following on from her series of Xmas dates back in December 2018 in Liverpool.

Special guest Nadine Coyle is the famed Irish singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She rose to fame in the early 2000s as a member of Girls Aloud and is now a sublime solo artist. Nadine will be performing Girls Aloud classics during the show to fully rouse the crowds at each show. Get ready for some amazing hands-in-the-air and singalong moments amid the bingo madness across the Paddy’s Weekender at Content in Liverpool, on Fri 13th, Sat 14th, Tues 17th, Fri 20th and Sat 21st March.


Tickets go on sale from 6pm Thursday 9th January on the Bongo’s Bingo app, then any remaining tickets from Friday 10th January from 6pm

Entering its biggest year yet, Bongo’s Bingo remains very much at the forefront of the UK’s experience economy, leading a new wave of desire for a unique night out rather than what many bars, clubs and shows continue to offer. It’s a true escape from reality for a few hours where life’s worries and stresses can be left at the door, a fully inclusive and immersive wild ride for all.

Bongo’s Bingo is an outrageous combination of a crazy live show, an all-inclusive party and heads-down game of bingo which takes place around the UK and also in Dubai, Australia, Ibiza and France.

The traditional and very much loved quaint pastime is completely spun on its head and turned inside out again, and whilst bingo is still the very core of the show, players are plunged into a crazy few hours of pure escapism. Rave rounds, dance offs and insane prizes – think fluffy pink unicorns, Henry Hoovers, mobility scooters and wacky waveys – are just a few of the things setting Bongo’s Bingo apart from the average night out down at the bingo hall.

Tickets go on sale from 6pm Thursday 9th January on the Bongo’s Bingo app, then any remaining tickets from Friday 10th January from 6pm.

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