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New measures have been introduced to improve safety of Liverpool’s E-scooters


A set of new measures are being introduced to help improve the safety of the e-scooter trial underway in Liverpool – including new mandatory parking zones and reduced hours of operation during weekends.

Launched in October 2020, the scheme has been both successful and highly popular – with more than 800,000 rides taken so far and over 1.8 million miles travelled by users of the pilot.

While almost all rides are completed safely with e-scooters parked correctly, with action taken against users who do not follow the rules, public feedback continues to be taken into consideration as the trial progresses.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram recently visited the Liverpool offices and warehouse of e-scooter operator Voi to discuss some of the issues raised by local people around the scheme and explore how to make the trial even safer as it continues to grow in popularity.

Following the meeting Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Liverpool City Council and Voi have worked together on a set of changes to the way the pilot operates, including:

New parking bays

New painted parking bays added across Liverpool, with a plans for more than 400 over the coming months – and £25 fines will continue to be issued for illegal or dangerous parking

Limits at weekends

At weekends use of the e-scooters will be more controlled, with certain additional areas designated as ‘no riding zones’ and a full stop of the service after 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Strike policy strengthened

Stronger enforcement of Voi’s strike policy – users breaking rules of the road will be issued temporary (one week, one month) or permanent bans

Move to fixed parking model

Shift over the summer from free-floating model, where users can park wherever they choose within reason, to one where they will be required to park in specific parking zones in most areas

Voi have also increased the number of its ambassadors on the ground in Liverpool to help improve the safety of the trial. The company has also begun to host free safety and training events in the city with more planned over the coming months.

All users of the e-scooters must be over 18 and have at least a provisional driving license, with it being an offence to allow any younger people to use their account to unlock the vehicles. Private e-scooters are not covered by the trial and remain illegal to use on all public roads.

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