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Newly formed Liverpool virtual choir release breath taking song to support local charities


A song recorded by a newly-created virtual choir was launched today to show the power of mass singing and the importance of people coming together.

Love Sings is the inspiration of creative director and choir leader Jennifer John, and part of a pioneering project to show how communities can be brought together through singing – in normal life and in lockdown.

“Love Sings is set against a backdrop of Liverpool and in a climate of lockdown,” says Jennifer. “We have recorded voices from various parts of the world, mainly Liverpool, singing a song which celebrates the importance of singing; how it can empower people and make them feel better, especially now when so many of us are in isolation.

“And I’m really pleased with it. It sounds amazing.” 

The song can be heard over a video, shot around Liverpool, with all its iconic buildings interspersed with shots of NHS workers.

“The magic that Chris Taylor from Parr Street Studios has brought to the sound, and energy in the visuals that Matt Thompson from Zút Media has captured, has really brought it to life,” adds Jennifer.

“I love the way it shows how a community spirit can rise together. Some people who took part were isolating, others had said they would love to do it but didn’t feel they could – yet they did it and said it was just the boost they needed. Singing has a very powerful impact on people.”

The song and video launched on Jennifer’s YouTube channel, Jennifer John Music, was developed in partnership with Zút Media who made the official LFC film at Christmas which Jennifer provided the choir for, and Parr Street Studios with whom she has worked for many years.

Jennifer John

The aim of the project is to raise funds for two local charities, The Florrie Food Union which aims to combat food poverty in South Liverpool, and All Together NOW!, a health and disability news magazine distributed throughout Merseyside and the North West.

Jennifer, famously the brains behind the Sense of Sound choir, explains how the Love Sings project came about.

“Love Sings is a campaign which, typically, I had the idea for about two or three years ago and was part of a bigger project, Liverpool Sings, to create large scale choirs, singing songs by Liverpool singers and song writers. Liverpool Sings was all set to produce a concert featuring a 2020-strong choir to mark the end of the year.

“The big question was how to make it happen…and then lockdown happened.”

With so many people creating virtual choirs, Jennifer wanted to do something different and approached Zút Media and Parr Street Studios about setting up and recording the virtual choir, and the video to go with it.

“So many people are experiencing lockdown in different ways,” she says. “Some are relishing the peace and quiet it has brought, others are deeply upset and devastated at losing loved ones they can’t get to, and everything else in between.


“I think what we have all learned, and what it taught me, is that this human experience is really valuable, and that we often underestimate just how precious life is.

“I use singing as a tool of empowerment for my community projects, it’s about bringing people together and that’s what I decided to do with this, putting out an invitation to join in on my newsletter and writing to every one of my Facebook followers asking them if they wanted to take part. I learned so much about how people were feeling and it made such a difference to how I wanted this to be reflected in the end result.

“The song, Love Sings, I wrote in 2017 and it seemed the right song and the right time to do it with this project as it celebrated the power of singing.” And she smiles: “I told people who said they couldn’t sing to just sit in their favourite place at home or in the garden and pretend they were singing along to the radio. This was never a project about judgement and it was really important that everyone who took part understood that.

“I’m delighted with the result and what it has achieved for people. Singing is powerful, celebratory and healing, and the more we do it, the better it feels.”

Watch the video of Love Sings above.

To donate to the charities, go to the fundraising page here.

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