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Over 30 Widnes pubs join the KnifeSavers scheme


Around 70 people from pubs across Widnes have joined the pioneering life-saving KnifeSavers scheme to ensure that their staff know what to do if someone is stabbed.

Volunteer staff from the major trauma teams at Aintree University Hospital and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital hosted an online training session for representatives from more than 30 pubs which are members of Widnes PubWatch.

The venues have also been provided with a KnifeSavers bleeding control kit, which contains scissors, gloves, tourniquets and trauma dressings as well as military-grade gauze and chest wound sealant.

Josh Callon demonstrates bleeding control technique.

Mr Nikhil Misra, the major trauma surgeon who developed KnifeSavers, said:

“During the session we taught vital skills which can help save a life in the first few minutes after someone is stabbed. Naturally, we hope that these never have to be used, but if an incident happens then we know that immediate action can save lives.”

Peter Bradley arranged the training event after the sad death of his friend, landlord Chris Thornton, who was killed in a knife attack last year.

The training is the latest in a series of steps taken by Widnes PubWatch landlords which have seen a drop in drink-related crime in Widnes.

Peter, who has been fundraising tirelessly and worked with the KnifeSavers team to bring the campaign to Widnes, culminating in this training event, said:

“My friend Chris sadly had his life taken in his own pub due to knife crime. This hit his family, friends and the community hard. We never expected it to happen so close to home and especially to someone we all knew and loved.

“The KnifeSavers training event for the Widnes Pubwatch group is giving us the opportunity to make our community a much safer place. The support I have received from the pubs and the wider community has been amazing. This is just the start, as my next focus is to buy KnifeSavers packs for the schools in Widnes.

“Without the support of Mr Misra and his KnifeSavers team, I wouldn’t have got this far. I am truly grateful. “

Find out more about KnifeSavers here.

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