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Pasta 51 Express is giving away thousands of free pasta meals on Monday


Pasta 51 Express is giving out free pasta on Monday for World Pasta Day

Pasta 51 Express, the city’s finest handmade pasta store and the only place for Italian street food, has teamed up with Napolina, the UK’s No1 Italian cooking brand, and Flipdish, the leading online ordering platform, to hand out 2,551 portions of freshly made pasta to lucky Liverpudlians visiting the new store at 51 Whitechapel. 

Securing a free artisan pasta cone is simple. Scan the Flipdish QR code on the promo, register and visit the store between 12:00pm and 18:30pm. 

Italian owner Attilio Sergi – also known as the “pasta masta” from Puglia – and his team will be working in the kitchen from early morning to create their signature pastas and slow-cooked sauces from scratch. The pasta is made with durum wheat flour and water, and the handpicked ripened tomatoes from Nepolina are grown on the sun-drenched Puglian slopes, for a rich and intense flavour.

Expect delicious authentically Italian pasta served in a recyclable cone and a completely sustainable dining experience through and through. From the pasta itself, to the cutlery it comes with. Pasta 51 is the only Italian street food brand making fresh pasta and sauces all day, every day. 

For customers returning after World Pasta Day, you can expect 20% off your next order when you order directly from the restaurant – and we know you will be back! 

Founder Attilio Sergi says:

“Pasta is a dish traditionally served in a seated restaurant, but Pasta 51 Express is changing this. Why should you not be able to enjoy handmade, fresh Italian pasta on the go? And why has Italian street food not had its moment yet? I want people to enjoy the food we make with love for free on this day and see just how sustainable ‘fast food’ can really be. I also want to thank the special sponsors for their support of Pasta 51, it means a lot.”

Fionn Hart, UK Country Manager at Flipdish adds:

“Hidden restaurant gems like Pasta 51 Express are the most exciting ones to work with. We are turning Attilio’s dream of takeaway Italian street food into a reality with digital ordering, so get scanning and bag yourself that free pasta cone!” 

The team at Pasta 51 Express will be ready and waiting to serve you on Monday.

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