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Radio City Talk to deliver a “Day of Action on Mental Health”


Radio City Talk is hosting a “Day of Action on Mental Health” next week, including the UK radio’s biggest ever mental health training lesson for its listeners.

Radio City Talk’s award-winning Mental Health Monday radio show will deliver a FREE mental health training lesson to its listeners as part of a Day of Action on Mental Health.

Provided by national charity Chasing the Stigma, the training will act as a “beginner’s guide” to mental health, which has been in sharp focus during the coronavirus lockdown.

Host Mick Coyle will dedicate a four hour show to mental health starting at 11am on May 4th.

He’ll be joined by local services, counsellors and those with lived experience of mental health problems to signpost help for listeners within the local area and nationally.

At 12.30pm, the FREE Mental Health training session will begin live on DAB, 1548MW, via and across the station’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels and will last no more than 15 minutes.

Mick Coyle said: “We know the physical threat coronavirus poses, but we cannot underestimate the impact it will have on our mental health as we try to get to grips with lockdown, isolation, and a complete shift in what “normal” life feels like.

“As a radio station, we have a brilliant opportunity to highlight the support that is out there for people, and make no mistake, there are many services waiting for your call.

Mick Coyle

“For Chasing the Stigma to offer a free, bite-sized beginners guide to mental health for our listeners is an example of the generosity of spirit of the Liverpool City Region’s many organisations and a commitment to trying to improve people’s lives.

“I hope people across the country join us for what will be a vital day’s broadcasting on Radio City Talk.”

Chasing the Stigma CEO, Jake Mills, said: “Radio City’s #MentalHealthMonday initiative is a fantastic way to highlight all of the support that is out there for people to access right now. The uncertainty, stress and anxiety that living through a global pandemic brings means that it’s never been more important to address our mental health.

“Because of the unprecedented circumstances, people who have never experienced poor mental health are doing so for the first time, while those with existing issues such as depression, anxiety and OCD are finding their symptoms exacerbated.

“Since the announcement of lockdown, we have seen visits to the Hub of Hope app increase by 250 per cent, with spikes in traffic more-or-less tracking major Government announcements. We’re proud to continue supporting a positive initiative that is committed to getting people talking about mental health and finding help.”

Other guests include representatives of James’ Place, Mersey Care, CHAMPS, the Liverpool CAMHS network plus many more.

Organisations and listeners are asked to join in on the day by taking part in the training, and using the hashtag #MentalHealthMonday

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