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Relish Steps Up Support For Liverpool’s ‘The Hungry Must Be Fed’ Initiative After Fantastic Community Response


Liverpool’s independent catering company, Relish has stepped up its efforts to support the local community by extending its support for The Hungry Must Be Fed initiative, in collaboration with Anna Rothery, The Lord Mayor of Liverpool. 

Relish launched a unique food production and delivery service to provide large-scale support to the North West’s front-line staff and most at-risk individuals within the community at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic after a special request from The Lord Mayor Rothery. Originally asked to supply 500 main meals to help feed those most at risk of hunger due to coronavirus shutdowns, Relish has served up six times that amount. It has continued to make weekly deliveries of freshly prepared meals and fresh sliced bread after seeing the positive community impact of the initiative.


Anna Rothery initially set up The Hungry Must Be Fed in 2018 to feed vulnerable residents awaiting universal credit outcomes. The initiative has five volunteers, including Anna Rothery, three of whom are also the delivery drivers delivering seven days worth of lunches and evening meals to local Princes Park L8 residents.

Kiara Mako, Relish managing director said, “In the midst of the anxiety and uncertainty caused by coronavirus, we have seen an incredible uplift in community spirit. It has been inspiring to see so many people and organizations and local authorities coming together to help others – with 10,000 meals served to those most in need, including the elderly, disabled, pregnant, and the vulnerable”

“The Lord Mayor’s The Hungry Must Be Fed initiative has been a rallying cry to the Relish team – and we are redoubling our efforts to prepare and deliver more food, to help even more people enjoy a nourishing meal. We have already delivered to community centres, the Everton in the Community organisation, Cash for Kids and WOSP Liverpool and next week will make our first delivery to Liverpool City Council.”

Anna Rothery, The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, said, “We have been working closely with Relish who have been keeping freezers across Merseyside, stocked and our most vulnerable neighbours well fed. It is inspiring to see what a difference this makes on a daily basis and the positive impact it has on families and critical organisations across the region. Relish is a big company with a big heart.”

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