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REVIEW: 60th Anniversary of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at Liverpool Empire


The 60th anniversary of the longest running theatre production in British history has come to Liverpool, and you’ll never guess who dunnit!

At The Guide we reckon we’re really good at solving puzzles but we were left completely stumped until the last nerve-shredding minutes of Agatha Christie’s long-running murder mystery, The Mousetrap at the Empire Theatre earlier tonight.

The story goes like this, a group of people are gathered at a country guest-house which is cut off by heavy snowfall, only to discover that there is a murderer in their midst.

The Empire lends itself to the plot well as the audience feels like a part of the grand drawing room where most of the action takes place. With snow falling peacefully outside the window, tempers begin to fray and it’s only a matter a time before the murderer strikes again.

The characters are a real mixed bag from the cantankerous, nit-picking Mrs Boyle, played superbly by Louise Jameson to the flamboyant Mr Wren played by the brilliant Oliver Gully who fills the stage with his enthusiasm alone. There are huge laughs, haunting silences and real jump in your seat screams as the story unfolds and suspense mounts to the very end.

The Guide absolutely loved this experience, and that’s what it is. Not just a play to watch and enjoy but an experience that leaves you feeling like you’re part of the story.

We left knowing the characters like friends, envying Molly Ralston’s costumes and humming three blind mice!

At the end of the play the audience pledge their allegiance to The Mousetrap secret, so there’s no big reveal from us, the fun is working that bit out for yourself.

There’s just two more chances to catch The Mousetrap this weekend at The Empire. Check out or call 0844 871 7677 for tickets and more info.


By Kate James



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