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Review: A Cult Classic at The Lantern Theatre


Saturday night in Liverpool isn’t just about pubs and clubs, oh no!
Our fair city is blessed with many alternative venues to spend your beloved weekend, so last night we checked out The Lantern Theatre, Blundell Street for the launch of Liverpool Noise’s Cult Classic Film Screening series and the legend that is, Anchorman.
The Lantern Theatre building looks and feels like it belongs in a trendy New York suburb. The concrete steps, poster lined walls and hand-drawn signs up the stairs makes you feel like you’re in an Alicia Keyes music video, a kind of bohemian atmosphere.
The bar continues with the same theme, candle-lit café tables, soft lighting and friendly bar staff instantly make you feel at home.
Coats off, we settled into bar stools and pondered the speciality cocktails: Milk Was A Bad Idea and Three Fingers of Scotch and joined in the Ron Burgundy classic quotes with fellow cinema fans.

image2 (1)
The staff had gone all out to put on a great show. With a pic n mix table that would make the Costco sweet aisle jealous, guests were encouraged to stock up on free popcorn and strawberry laces before settling into our seats for the show.
The theatre space itself its intimate and feels cosy for cinema nights… you’re in an episode of cribs….in say…Will Smiths home cinema room! (Whatever happened to Cribs?).

image3 (1)
The seating allows everyone to get a great view and before we knew it the two hours had flown by. Outbursts of hysterical laughter and joining in with the dialogue was fully accepted and made for a totally relaxed, fun evening.
Walking out afterwards, picking at the remnants of refreshers and flumps, the crowd mingled in the bar for post film drinks and agonised over which freebie Anchorman badge and magnet take home as a keepsake. When in Rome!
With just enough time for selfies galore with a life-size cut out of the Anchorman himself, we set off for a cab and headed home spouting classic one-liners at a confused taxi driver!
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By Kate James

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