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Rip It Up launches search for new talent whilst also tackling racial inequality in the music industry


After a breakthrough inaugural year, Rip It Up – the curated and bespoke bursary programme that provides a platform and direction for the next generation of Black, Asian and diverse talent to make their mark on the music industry in the months and years ahead – has announced details of its second iteration: Rip It Up (Remixed).

Welcoming in a new generation of creatives and talent to the music industry, Rip It Up launched in 2021 in response to the growing disparity when it comes to racial equality within the music industry. Not just addressing and confronting this head on, its programme spanned across 10 weeks of educational insights from a vast array of modern trailblazers shaping the music industry of the future but also providing the opportunity to elevate their work and careers through paid-for work placements, bursaries and support. Helping guide its first class of rising creatives, Rip It Up returns in 2022 to help support another vital crop of exciting new talent.
Lending their expertise to Rip It Up are an array of artists, industry figureheads and experts all looking to give back to a new generation of music industry talent. From spotlight speaker sessions, to mentorship and debate insights and mentoring – this crop of individuals will be investing in the future in their own individual ways across the programme.

Course leader Yaw Owusu said:

“I am really happy to be facilitating the Rip It Up programme again. The positive outcomes for the participants last year were vast and so I look forward to working with the team, and the programme guests, to give those great development and learning experiences to more deserving emerging individuals again – with the overall aim being to ensure the fairer distribution of industry information, connections and opportunities”

Ellie Best of RCA Records said:

“I am delighted to have been asked to get involved with this year’s Rip It Up. The opportunity to support young creatives by sharing some of the knowledge that has helped me navigate the music industry is a real honour. Programmes like Rip It Up are fundamental in breaking down barriers to make the creative world of work more inclusive. The music industry thrives off opportunity and diversity. The more diverse we are, the more we’ll grow, learn and succeed collectively.
Whilst Rip It Up felt like a genuine success in terms of delivering an educational programme and opportunities for networking to people who may not have been given this platform before, the problems they face alongside the opportunities they lack are still apparent. There is an undercurrent of companies within the music industry willing to do better and learning how to do so. I hope they look at what we’ve achieved with some of these applicants and appreciate that the reward has been worth the effort tenfold. We, as an industry, still have a long way to go.”

Yaw Owusu

Becky Ayres, MD of Sound City said:

“After last year’s incredible launch, we’re delighted to be working with our partners again on Rip It Up – a programme near and dear to our hearts that provides a platform for the next generation of Black, Asian and diverse talent to make their mark on the music industry in the months and years to come. It is vital that the music industry continues to address this imbalance in diversity across all levels, and we hope that Rip It Up offers that opportunity and pathway for the next generation of incredible talent to make those steps acquiped with the knowledge and support needed to shape what our industry will do for years to come”.
Applications for Rip It Up (Remixed) are now open to young people aged 18-25 across the North West, and new for 2022 – expanding to include applicants from Yorkshire, The Midlands and the East Of England. These applications are separated into two strands:
  • 5 of the 10 bursaries will be focused on Artists themselves – with the practical element incorporating professional experience within a recording studio alongside an engineer being covered as a part of the Rip It Up programme.
  • The other 5 places will be focused on Industry applicants, with the practical element incorporating a paid placement within a professional workplace in the industry sector they wish to enter.
All 10 successful Rip It Up (remixed) participants will receive a dedicated mentor to assist them with regular meetings and discussions, with monthly updates continuing after the programme to assist in further job placements and industry catchups.

To apply, head to the website here.

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