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Scouse Bird, Steph Bannister raises over £11k on ‘Appreciate the NHS’ funding page


Last week we clapped for our carers in a spine tingling show of appreciation for NHS staff across the country, now this Scouse Bird has taken it one step further.

Steph Bannister is the Scouse Bird behind the famous Liverpool blog and social media accounts, on Friday she decided to take the ‘Clap for our Carers’ campaign one step further by launching a Go Fund Me page for the NHS, and in particular Aintree University Hospital Charitable Fund.

The page was launched just two days ago and already donations have hit the £11k mark with 1500 people donating to raise money for NHS staff essentials like protective clothing and masks.

The page reads” Do you want to join me in making a difference? Yesterday the nation clapped for the NHS which is nice and all but let’s actually show the fantastic people in the NHS that we care. Will you spare a quid for your carers? To help buy them protective wear, a coffee, whatever they need to keep them going through this crisis.”

Steph’s plan is that the money raised goes to the NHS in general and can be donated to any NHS location that needs it.

You can donate now and help our NHS here.

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