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The Bierkeller is launching a vegan version of its most famous dish…


The Bierkeller Entertainment Complex is launching a vegan version of its most famous dish …. a meat-free Bavarian sausage.

Thousands of dog lovers head to the bar each week for its range of authentic German sausages, from the classic Bavarian bratwurst to a Viennese Kaserkraner made with pure pork and cheese, and a fiery Rindwurst with a kick of chilli and garlic.

But now Bierkeller has decided to expand its signature sausage selection after a rise in demand from customers who want the taste minus the meat.

Its new menu features a vegan ‘wurst’ made with wheat protein and smoked to give it an intense flavour.

Adam Van Hecke, who oversees menu development for Bierkeller Entertainment Complexes across the country, says the new addition has already had a thumbs-up from sausage fans.

“A lot more people are vegan or vegetarian now, either through choice or health reasons, so we felt we needed to cater for what was an increasing crowd,” he explained.

“Lots of our customers are in groups of friends or family and often there’ll be a vegetarian or vegan among them so we don’t want anyone to be excluded or feel like there’s nothing for them. We want everyone to look at our menu and have options.

“We trialled the vegan wurst to start with then, after we realised there was a demand and people were really enjoying them, we decided to put them on our new menu. They’re not just bought from the UK, we get them from our traditional German bratwurst suppliers, so they have the same quality and authenticity but obviously they’re meat-free and people seem to really love the flavour.

“Bierkeller is so well known for its sausages so that’s why it was important to have this wider selection and really show it off.”

For more info head to the Bierkeller website here.



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