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The Gin to My Tonic Show is back in Liverpool with even more reasons to raise a glass


GET ready to be ‘gin-spired’! The Gin To My Tonic Show is returning to Liverpool – and this year there are even more reasons to raise a glass to this well-loved city event.

For not only can gin lovers celebrate when it arrives at the Exhibition Centre at King’s Dock in March, rum fans can make the most of the fun this year too.

Co-founder Paul Hudson-Jones explains: “The show was launched around gin, something we genuinely love and there’s a real passion for which I think comes through, but the longer we have been involved we’ve realised a lot of makers have a rum in their range aswell.

“People don’t realise they’re doing these other great spirits and rum is really well represented, so we wanted to make it bigger and advertise the fact that the Rum Show is running alongside the Gin Show.”

Credit – Jamie Simpson

It’s a welcome return for Paul and his team.

“Liverpool is our spiritual home,” he says. “It was in the city in 2018 that we launched the first big event from which we’ve sprung into the business we are today, with six main events as well as 19 festivals across the UK.

“So we’re glad to be back.”

Paul adds: “We have always had a real interest in gin, and understanding how the gins are distilled, what makes them unique, what botanicals they have and getting to know the people behind the brands. It’s those quirky elements that make us fall in love with the spirit.

“The show’s always been about celebrating that and bringing the people behind the brands to meet the gin consumer, which is quite rare. What we’re also bringing to Liverpool is the chance for the consumer to meet the craft gin distiller, to learn why they have done what they have done, their journey, the blood, sweat and tears.

Credit – Jamie Simpson

“It’s as fascinating as enjoying the liquid itself – of which there is plenty of opportunity with G&Ts, Cocktails galore! We know brands that have started off distilling in their garage, and then have gone on to open fabulous distilleries, bars, restaurants and gin schools; and it’s all come from a desire to create really good liquid and follow their dreams.

It’s these stories that really come alive at the show, all whilst sampling these creations.”

There will be three sessions each for The Gin To My Tonic and Craft Rum Shows, on Friday, March 25 between 6.30pm-10.30pm; and on Saturday, March 26, between 12pm-4pm, and 6pm-10pm.

For both there’ll be unlimited tasting opportunities and access to free masterclasses and workshops so you can brush up your knowledge on your favourite tipple, and you’ll even get a cotton tote bag to carry any purchases you make (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?).

There are more than 50 distillers and mixer brands, and 250+ craft spirits for you to enjoy – so plan your time wisely!

Credit – Jamie Simpson

“It’s inspiring, whatever stage of your gin or rum journey you’re at,” adds Paul. “There’s no other event where you can meet so many different people and brands from the spirit world under one roof; for guests to be able to taste lots of different makes, learn more about them and their own palate and, maybe, discover a new favourite.”

You can also get hands-on with cocktail making workshops to make it a great day or evening out for you and your mates, grab a bite to eat or chill in either the main bar or the Connoisseur VIP Bar if you want to make it really special.

To find out more about the gin show, click here. For info on the rum festival, click here.

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