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The Kaz lives on in cultural theme park of the future…


From 19 – 22 May 2016, the creative team behind Liverpool’s recently closed Kazimier Club will present Omphalos – ’Energy Eternal’ a spectacle which takes the form of a guided tour, featuring an eight person choir who use gesture to control audio, lighting and mechanical effects.


A period of research and development has enabled the team to take an ambitious approach with this show, which combines theatre, performance and music with science and technological innovation. The show will take an audience of 180 on a unique journey through the extensive warehouse space.


The Invisible Wind Factory is the Kazimier’s vision of a cultural theme park from the future. Situated on Regent Road in the North Docks, the warehouses will be a space for bespoke large scale performances.


Meanwhile, the Kazimier Garden remains one of the most popular alternative bars in Liverpool’s ropewalks. The Kazimier Club, formerly on Wolstenholme Square was recently bulldozed to build city centre accommodation. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign which raised over £9,000 from 177 backers, the Invisible Wind Factory will be launched less than six months later.


Kazimier Co-Founder, Sam Crombie said:


“The Invisible Wind Factory programme will begin in a similar way to how The Kazimier began – a vessel for our own shows and unique events that feel special. Omphalos will be our introduction, the first stamp on the space and will help shape it with some dramatic architectural changes – like the early days of the Kazimier we’ll be changing and adding to the building continually.


“We hope the programme will offer something that Liverpool doesn’t currently have – a home for new experiences and performances. Every event needs to be exceptional else we’re not adding anything to the existing cultural landscape.”


Features of the show include…


‘SCIENCE – the systematic study of the physical world. Of reality itself. But what is the nature of reality?


IWF believe that science can take us through reality and into the BEYOND…’


The show takes audiences into the imagined world of IWF and the organisation’s search for an unknown energy – ‘invisible wind’. Taking the form of a guided tour, guests will witness and perform experiments in the IWF visitor centre before entering the OMPHALOS, a towering octagonal ampitheatre in which the ‘ETERNAL ENERGY’ experiment is dramatically performed.


  • 8 person choir using gesture to control audio, lighting and mechanical effects


  • Atmospheric special FX including mist, controlled fire jets, extreme wind.


  • A lift that drops performers down into an underworld, re-emerging in spectacular costumes.


  • Wifi controlled costumes that shed, revealing new layers as the performance progresses.


Omphalos – Energy Eternal runs from 19 – 22 May. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit



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