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The Liverpool Irish Festival 2016: Top 5 Events You Wont Want to Miss


There’s a big old festival heading our way next week, with ten days worth of great entertainment to choose from we want to know……are you ready for the Liverpool Irish Festival?

With over 50 events, 80 artists, practitioners, performers, musicians, dancers and filmmakers at venues across the city, we just cant get enough of the great craic!

Here’s our top 5 events to get your culture fix at the Liverpool Irish Festival 2016

1 – Three Plays, World Museum

The Guide Liverpool The Liverpool Irish Festival 2016

A must see for literature lovers and theatre goers. Three Plays: Riders to the Sea, The Shadow of the Glen and Purgatory at the Treasure House Theatre at the World Museum explores the theme of the undead and how the Irish peasantry’s relationship between the living and the dead has been full of mysticism and myth. Just turn up and enjoy. More info here.

2 – Lisa Hannigan

The Guide Liverpool, Liverpool Irish Festival 2016

Take in a stunning vocal performance from singer Lisa Hannigan, at the Arts Cub Seel Street. She first came to light as an angel-voiced, somewhat mysterious figure singing harmonies alongside Damien Rice.

They played together for seven years, but it wasn’t until the release of her solo debut, Sea Sew, in 2008 that the true nature of her talent came to light. Details and tickets available here.

3 – 16 Box Set

The Liverpool Irish Festival 2016

The Bagelry, Nelson Street

Grab your daily bread whilst taking in an impressive exhibit about the founding of a Republic. The Bagelry, Nelson street plays host to The 16 Box Set exhibition.

A collection of artwork focused on Irish contemporary art in the medium of printmaking and showcases the high standard of skills and variety of techniques currently being utilised in Ireland. Curated by Jessie Malone, this is a must-see event for anyone with Irish roots. More information available here.

4 – A Literary Dream, James Joyce’s ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’

The Guide Liverpool Liverpool Irish Festival

James Joyce

Do you remember reading The Dubliners at school? We’ll bet you didn’t know we almost didn’t get to read it at all! This December, it’ll be 100 years since the publication of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

The festival opens with a panel exploring Joyce and the novel; the role of Irish writing, of emerging writers and directors, as well as those who wrote a century ago. It’s free to attend but click here to book your place.

5 – Social Seisiúns

The Guide Liverpool - Liverpool Irish Festival

We love events that provide a platform for local talent and Liverpool Irish Festival is a real champion of live music. Half-hour slots are given to local musicians and performers to perform informal, acoustic seisiúns in this post-show, ‘relax and wind down’ hour at the Everyman Theatre.

Seisiún performers volunteered themselves in advance of the festival and have been selected for their ability, charm and capacity to share the stage with audiences, who are encouraged to sing along, bring instruments and generally get involved with the action. More details on session times available here. 

Running from 13-23 October, the Liverpool Irish Festival is an opportunity to explore contemporary and traditional elements of Irish culture.

Check out all the details of the events happening across the city here and explore what it means to Irish at home and abroad.



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