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The Merseyside animal rescue shelters you can help during lockdown


Our animal rescue shelters need more help than ever during the coronavirus lockdown. Here’s how you can support them in the Merseyside area.

By Michelle Langan 

While the whole country is in lockdown, anyone with a pet can tell you the magnitude of comfort and companionship they bring right now. Whether its the joy of your once a day walk with the dog, or a cat snuggling near your feet, animals have become an even bigger part of our well being.

For animals currently in rescue, these times are tough. Government rulings mean that shelters are currently not allowed to rehome, meaning that lots of animals will be stuck in shelters for the forseeable weeks or possibly months ahead, with animal charities struggling to keep them fed and looked after, as funds dry up.
Which is why its important that we don’t forget those charities. There are so many worthy causes in need of money right now, but the animal charities are slipping by the wayside. Earlier this week, it was reported by BBC News that many animal rescues will face closure due to the lack of support and adoptions. So what can we do?

There are lots of worthy animal rescue centre’s across Merseyside, and they will all meed our help now more than ever. If you have ever thought about adopting an animal, have a look at the websites of local rescues and pop along for a visit once life returns to normal.

There will be plenty of animals looking for loving homes. My dog Loulou came from Merseyside Dogs Home, and I can’t imagine life without her! If you can, consider donating. Right now, animal charities will be struggling for donations, and with many hungry rescue mouths to feed, they need our help more than ever. Merseyside Dogs Home are even having a virtual dogs show you can take part in. Follow them o Facebook here.

Help if you can, and if you do decide, once we are back to normal, to adopt a dog, a cat, a rabbit or whatever other animal takes your fancy (chickens would be handy right now!) you can guarantee that the companionship you get in return will be worth it.

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