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The “‘ultimate app for football fans” has been designed and created in Liverpool 


Dijon Moore’s inspiration came from the football banter he experienced in his previous life as a city barman

A brand new football app, created in Liverpool and billed as the ‘ultimate app for football fans’ has been launched. 

FANoty, created by Dijon Moore in partnership with city app design firm Apposing, is already proving a massive hit with fans of the beautiful game and is being embraced by football clubs including Sheffield United and Norwich City.

The app, which was inspired by the ‘football banter’ Dijon heard during the time he spent working as a Liverpool barman, combines a fantasy football element as well as news updates, quizzes and other interactive activity. Unlike other fantasy football apps, users of FANoty, adopt their own teams and can compete against fans from other clubs.

Dijon, from Allerton, said:

“Liverpool is the football capital of the world. People in the city love it and it is always the subject of heated conversations or banter. Working in Liverpool bars I heard this all the time, people are incredibly passionate about the sport. This was my inspiration – I wanted to create an app that people who live and breathe football will enjoy.

FANoty isn’t like other football apps. Yes there is the fantasy football element but users stick to their own team and can compete against fans of other clubs. So if you’re a Liverpool fan, you’ll manage your team and compete against friends who are Everton fans for example.


As well as the fantasy football aspect there are also in app games and quizzes to help you boost your score, meaning if your teams scores trailed at the weekend you can still help climb the leaderboard.

FANoty’s scoring system is also different to those seen in other fantasy football apps and whilst it is based on a very complex and secret algorithm, this is all done in the background making the app simple to enjoy.

Football news and scores are updated live and there are various other interactive cities for fans to get stuck into.

We’ve had massive interest from football fans all around the world and are talking to various football clubs about partnership with them. FANoty is sponsoring Sheffield United’s Player of the Year Awards and we’re also working with Norwich City.

I genuinely believe FANoty offers lovers of the game a more real and live action experience that other apps fail in. We’ve got big ambitions for it.”

More information about FANoty is available at or you can find them on Twitter and Instagram at @FANotyltd 

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