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This Bootle Salon owner is offering free beauty and holistic treatments for Christmas


A Bootle salon owner wants to wish people a Merry Christmas by offering free beauty and holistic treatments to people who deserve a ‘festive treat’.

Lisa Grannell is asking to hear from anyone who feels they need a yuletide boost – or knows someone else who could do with a little Christmas cheer. 

“The idea started off with just me wanting to offer free treatments, but now all the staff are on board too,” said Lisa, 37, who runs Beautyful Salon and Training in Knowsley Road.

“I have always wanted to do something for people at Christmas and had toyed with the idea of going into hospices, but when I realised I had some free appointments next week I decided they should go to people who just needed a break!”

And she added: “The first people I’ve got in mind are people like you and me, normal people who get burnt out at this time of year because they just give, give, give and the last person they think about is themselves.

“And we are particularly hoping to hear from NHS workers, ambulance drivers, care workers…but really anyone who deserves a treat, or a bit of ‘me time’. This time of year is great, but it can also be really difficult for some people.

“Everyone is feeling a little bit frazzled.”


Lisa, her staff and learners have got a host of treatments available throughout next week:

Tuesday afternoon – Manicure and pedicures

Wednesday Afternoon – Indian head massages (“This is really good because it is a balancing treatment, it is relaxing and good for tension.”)

Thursday morning – There’s a variety of treatments available from facials and Indian head massages, to nail treatments

Thursday afternoon – Acrylic nails, gel nail treatments, manicures and pedicures (“The students will be carrying out many of these treatments.  It helps towards their assessments and learning, and dealing with real clients, and they are really excited.”)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Gel nail polishes

“The gel polishes over the last few days are quick treatments so more people can benefit from those. It’s just a little treat to make people a bit happier – like the scouse mum who’s running around getting everything sorted and she’s got 20 people coming for dinner, kids and grandparents. It’s just something that, in the flurry of activity, will make her feel a bit better and happier.”

Mum-of-one Lisa added: “Throughout the year I hear a lot of sad tales. People are just feeling battered by 2019.

“I have the time, and I have the people, to offer a bit of Christmas cheer.

“Mental health is a big issue. I have suffered with it myself, with stress and anxiety, having taught for 12 years in colleges, and it’s rare that, in a predominantly female-centred business, we come across a woman who hasn’t in some form or another.

“That’s why it feels like the right time to give something back. The world would be a better place if we all looked after one another.

“So, if anyone thinks they are deserving or knows someone else who is, let me know.  Hopefully we can give you a little treat to put a smile on yourself and get ready to face Christmas – and enjoy it.”

If you or someone you know would like a little Christmas beauty treat, email Lisa – [email protected] – or phone Beautyful Salon and Training on 0151 933 6320, and tell them why.

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