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This is why you should ‘look up’ in Liverpool


Liverpool architecture is world renowned but there’s so much you don’t see….unless you look up!

You all know our Three Graces, our incredible cathedrals and historic Albert Dock, but did you know our city boasts 2500 listed buildings? From Bluecoat Chambers to the Bank of England and hundreds of places of worship, the Liverpool City Region is a feast for the eyes with more pioneering designers from Tudors to Georgians, Victorians and the very best 21st century concepts.

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Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building

If you’re visiting Liverpool just for a day or maybe just out shopping there’s so much to see just in the city centre. As hotels, bars and restaurants breathe new life into these historic buildings, many of their most interesting and beautiful features go unnoticed, until you look up.

Watch above as we highlight 8 of Liverpool city centres finest buildings.

Buildings in Liverpool have housed WW2 gold reserves, military nerve centres, pioneering medical facilities and even royalty. Maritime history doesn’t get much more spectacular than the Royal Albert Dock which in itself is home to no less than 5 Grade I Listed buildings and warehouses.

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Oriel Chambers

Speke Hall is perhaps the most impressive architectural jewel in the area as the Tudor manor house was built in 1530! Now owned by the National Trust, Speke Hall and gardens is enjoyed by families all year round.

Oriel Chambers, Water Street is the world’s first building to feature a metal framed glass curtain wall. Along with sister site, 16 Cook Street, the glass row design was created by Peter Ellis who won a competition to be able to design the Oriel Chambers in 1864. His efforts weren’t well received initially but influenced the Chicago School of Architecture by an American architect, sent to study in Liverpool during the American Civil War.

The Guide Liverpool

30 James Street

These are just some examples of the incredible mix of buildings that grace our city streets. The next time you’re in the city centre, don’t forget to look up and check out the golden domes, unicorns and the Fab Four, adorning our amazing buildings.

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