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This Liverpool couple could be crowned the UK’s most romantic Grandparents


A UK fashion retailer is on the lookout for the grandparents who could be crowned as the Most Romantic in the UK.

FOUR couples have been shortlisted in the UK’s first Romantic Grandparents of the Year competition.

And an adorable couple from Liverpool has been selected in the shortlist!

Margaret and John, both from Liverpool, were nominated by their granddaughter, Shelby.

Having recently reached their 60th Wedding anniversary, Margaret and John have a lot to be celebrating. But due to various reasons including health complications, the adorable couple hasn’t been able to get out as much as they used to.

Shelby adores the love her grandparents have for one another and says “They still tell each other how much they love and mean to one another this day. My grandparents have shown myself and their loved ones what true love really is.”

You can vote for Margaret and John here.

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