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This new exhibition at FACT explores the virtual world


Augmented Empathy is the brand new exhibition at FACT where visitors step into a virtual world and explore new visual identities using their phones.

From a tranquil animated woodland to Instagram filters which give you scales and deep blue skin, the exhibition draws on the power of nature to elicit our understanding of each other and our kinship with the Earth. 

Created by artist collective Keiken, with dance artist Sakeema Crook and CGI artist Ryan Vautier, Augmented Empathy mirrors the way we, and specifically young people, learn to interact using social media as a tool for expression. Using Instagram filter technology accessed via your phone, and a meditative film installation, the exhibition is an exercise in unlearning the ways in which we construct identity.

In addition to visiting the exhibition at FACT, you can also experience the artwork at home by heading to @FACT_Liverpool on Instagram. Using the app, you can try on a series of brand new filters that use augmented reality to transform your visual appearance, allowing you to embody a non-human identity.

Alongside both the exhibition at FACT and the digital artwork on Instagram, a live performance in Liverpool brought the filters to life. Augmented reality pieces unfurl from Sakeema Crook’s body during an intimate continuation of the speech she gave at the recent Black Lives Matter and Black Trans Lives Matter protests.

Watch an interview with Keiken and look back at the live performance at

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