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#TrendingLiverpool – Whats been happening? 27th June.


Remember when big events happened and Twitter didn’t exist? Nah – I can’t remember either.

This week has been a big one! We are still in the middle of the Euros 2016, Glasto is this weekend as well! And of course, the biggest subject that everyone everywhere has been going on about – The EU Referendum. Now here at the Guide, we focus on being impartial – I wrote a balanced post about the EU Referendum this week before the big day. But we will take a look back at some of the funnier tweets that have came from what was dubbed one of the biggest days in British History.

So here is The Guide Liverpools Highlights from Twitter this week:


A superhero was spotted at Lime Street..

Lets not forget we had a royal visit!

There is something lovely about this..

Ringo Starr announced what he wants us all to do..

The EU Referendum was the talk of the town/country/world and although we are all fed up of hearing about it now, there was some great tweets. Here are a selection of the citys best!

There was drama about using Pens instead of pencils at the polling stations..

The best tweet, for me, was early in the day from a guy called Keith. He instantly became a meme, “Keith” and “93yr old mum” trended world wide and people were replicating this tweet all over the place.

Same to be honest..

The result had people upset..

Straight after, politics went into chaos..

When all has been said and done – At least we know we are in safe hands in a post brexit world.



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