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Unity Theatre has launched Walk & Talk sessions for Liverpool creatives



Unity Theatre has sent out an open invitation to Liverpool’s creative community to get back together with a weekly walk and chat around the city centre.

The theatre has launched a series of free Walk & Talk sessions on Wednesday afternoons for anyone involved in the creative industries.

The idea is to give people a chance to reconnect after what’s been a tough and often isolating year, by creating a really informal meet-up and networking opportunity.

Associate Producer Kirsten Peters Roebuck says Walk & Talk came about after conversations she had with artists in the first few months of 2021.

“I was asking artists what they wanted to see more of in terms of support and one of the things that came up a lot was people wanting more regular opportunities to feel part of a community. A lot of freelancers spoke about how when they aren’t attached to a project or to a larger team or course, they can feel quite detached from the wider creative community. 

“Another was people saying how much they’d like to get to know more people but they didn’t want to do the warm white wine form of networking, they were keen to get involved in other ways.

“That’s why we decided to give an open invitation to anyone who identifies with the creative industries in any way to get together and get out in the fresh air on a regular basis.”

In front of Unity’s atrium is the meeting point for Walk & Talk at 1pm every Wednesday, and each walk takes around an hour. 

The current route is down Pilgrim Street, up to Liverpool Cathedral, through cathedral gardens, on to Upper Parliament Street, round to Hope Street and back to Unity.

“It’s not a fitness test and there’s no pressure to talk shop – you don’t even really need to discuss what you do. It’s just a chance to meet, walk and have a nice time,” says Kirsten.

“On our first walk we talked about everything from Taylor Swift to the Mandela Effect, it really can be about anything, but it’s also an opportunity for people to seek advice from their peers and maybe meet future collaborators.

“They might have ideas to solve a problem, or they might be in the same boat in terms of challenges. It can be a sounding board for professional work but it’s also just a way to build a supportive networking community.”

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