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Unity Theatre’s new audio experience wants to get new parents talking


New mums and dads can now share all the highs and lows of having a baby in an audio experience available free through Unity Theatre.

Liverpool theatre company All Things Considered spoke to parents across the city to find out their thoughts and feelings, from discovering they were pregnant to the birth itself and bringing their baby home.

The result is a 30-minute audio production, Pram Talks, which features their honest reactions and gives a voice to the things which can be hard to say.

New parents can download it to their phones then head with their babies and a partner or friend to their favourite park to listen together.

Sarah Hogarth from All Things Considered created Pram Talks with the company’s co-founder Emma Bramley and sound designer Stephen Hull.

The idea came about when she and Emma had their own babies at similar times and realised there was so much that wasn’t openly talked about.

“We were lucky because we had each other but I’d go to parent and toddler groups and everyone would be saying how marvellous it all was and that wasn’t always my experience.

“We thought, where is that other voice – the person who is bored, or lonely or finding it difficult?”

Sarah says they decided to make Pram Talks an audio experience in the park, “so you’d be somewhere you’d usually be with your baby, but doing something that was focused on you rather than them. 

“The performance takes you through the timeline of the first year so it starts with people responding to the question, ‘where were you when you saw the two blue lines?, and it leads up to a hopeful moment so you come out thinking, this is what I’m looking forward to.

“It’s made for two people but if you can’t do it with someone else you can definitely still do it and because it’s outdoors, it’s safe and you can socially distance if you want to.”

Pram Talks is more of an immersive experience than a traditional venue one.

“But hopefully it feels a bit more involved, the voices feel like they’re talking directly to you so whatever your own experiences of parenthood, you realise you’re not on your own.”

Download Pram Talks until August 31 through Unity’s website here.

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