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Feelin’ Noughty – 2000s Party

Camp and Furnace Greenland Street Start Date - 29 Jan 2022 End Date - 29 Jan 2022 20:00pm

About this Event - Feelin’ Noughty – 2000s Party

The ultimate 00s celebration is back!

From Britney to Beyoncé, Mean Girls to Bridget Jones & Pick ‘n’ Mix to Nintendo DS…the 2000s were GOLDEN! It’s time to relive the fashion fails, smash hits, boy bands, girl groups, RnB, pop princesses, music vids, TV tunes & MORE!

Going back to a time when Pop Princesses ruled the world, internet had to dial up, flip phones were space age & Tracy Beaker & Bart Simpson were our idols!

Biggest & Best 00s Hits

School Disco Moments

Themed Cocktails

TV Visuals & Theme Tunes

Movie Moments

00s DJ


PICTURE THIS: You’re sat in a Groovy Chick blow up chair, game boy in hand, the Arthur theme tune blares in the background and the smell of turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces fills the house. Next to you is a rack of CDs – Britney, Backstreet Boys, S Club 7, Usher, Destiny’s Child…the lot. You’ve killed yet another Tamagotchi, but you’ve got a pack of Opal Fruits, and you’ve just found your Toy Story video tape and a smelly gel pen under your bed, so it’s gonna be a good day!

Venue Location

Camp and Furnace Greenland Street

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