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Vogue Ball returns even more fierce & fabulous…


It has become one of the most glam and most crazy nights in Liverpool’s event calendar. The Vogue Ball returns for 2016 bigger and better than ever before.

The multi award-winning event will take place on Saturday, 15th October in Liverpool’s coolest new arts and performance space – the Invisible Wind Factory!

The much-anticipated opening number is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the annual Vogue Ball – and this year’s will be no exception.

For the past few months, House of Suarez has been busy creating a cork-popping piece of choreography to open the event and ensure this year’s Vogue Ball starts with a bang.

As House of Suarez celebrates its 10th birthday this year, the theme of the ball for 2016 is Iconic and so Darren has created a dance piece which tells the story of the company’s incredible journey and reflects on the successful decade with reference to all the iconic people and places which have influenced the company along the way. It will also contain all the elements which make up the Ball – vogue, dance, fashionista and extravaganza – and is the icing on the cake at this fabulous dance event which promises to be a real feast for senses.

Rehearsals underway

Rehearsals underway

Artistic director, Darren Suarez, explained: “When it comes to the opening number, traditionally, House of Suarez alternates between a theatre piece one year and a runway interpretation of that year’s theme the next.

“Last year, our opening piece was called The First Hunt-y influenced by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This year, I’ve taken elements of what I’ve built up over the last 10 years. It begins with a vogueography piece, fusing vogue and contemporary dance, reflecting on the past 10 years of House of Suarez.”

Having trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Darren originally set up House of Suarez Dance Theatre Company in 2006. House of Suarez is an authentic Vogue House, bringing the forgotten styles of Liverpool’s vogue dance scene back.


Darren immersed himself in the Vogue scene during the late eighties and he has developed his own language of movement, using Vogue as a back bone to support his works.

He pioneered the Vogue Ball in Liverpool which has become an international sensation. This is a dance event like no other in the UK – where club culture meets high art.

House of Suarez is honoured to have achieved legendary status as one of the biggest Vogue Balls in the country and one of the highlights of the cultural calendar.

As well as celebrating Darren’s incredible career, the opening piece will set the scene for the evening’s performance.


He revealed: “I believe it’s integral that the audience get a feel of what they’re about to experience for the rest of the evening, so we have a section themed ‘Sex Siren.’ Then we move into a tribute to all my idols – paying homage to the likes of Prince and Marilyn Monroe – who inspired a lot of my work.

The dance will include a celebration of the great pharaohs such as Rameses and Cleopatra as many vogue moves were inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics.

“The final section is about House of Suarez’ signature statement outfit – black polar necks and black tights. The music is a fusion of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation and Faithless’ Insomnia mixed by DJ Paul Fern.

“I’m so excited and can’t wait for everyone to see it. We will have over 20 people starring in the opening number, the biggest we’ve had so far – featuring my past students from LIPA and RARE.”

The Vogue Ball is the dance event to end all other dance events, giving Voguers the ultimate evening of all things fierce and fabulous.


Vogueing often imitates the perfect lines and flexibility of model poses seen in magazines such as Vogue, the fashion magazine from which the dance style took its name.


The Iconic Ball invites the best Vogue teams [known as ‘Houses’] to battle it out in a fight for ultimate dance supremacy before a panel of expert judges.


Taking place in a new venue for 2016, House of Suarez will transform the Invisible Wind Factory with an even bigger catwalk for 2016. The 50 foot-long runway will be reminiscent of 1970s/80s New York (the home of the Vogue dance style) at its most glamorous.


So strike a pose, there’s nothing to it, book your tickets for the Iconic Ball 2016!


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THE ICONIC BALL – Vogue Ball 2016

Venue:                 Invisible Wind Factory, 25 Carlton St, Liverpool L3 7ED

Date:                   Saturday 15 October 2016

Time:                   Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

General Tickets:  £18 (Standing)

VIP Tickets:         £25 (Guaranteed runway seat and glass of bubbly)

Groups:                1 in 10 goes free!


How to Book:

Box Office:      0844 8000 410

Online:            www.ticketquarter.co.uk

In person:        TicketQuarter, Queen Square, Liverpool



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