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Watch as Gerry Marsden joins Liverpool celebs for a new recording of You’ll Never Walk Alone

3 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

Watch as Gerry Marsden joins Liverpool celebs for a new recording of You’ll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool FC’s world-famous anthem has been rerecorded to bring people together during the coronavirus crisis – with the man himself, Gerry Marsden, one of those taking part.

You’ll Never Walk Alone has been adopted as a song of hope by communities across the globe who are battling the virus. 

Now a new version, created by Liverpool-based Planet Broken Blueprint, has been released featuring personalities from the entertainment industry including a few very famous faces – and voices.

“There are 40 people involved, probably around 30 of them singing, from all different corners of the industry so sports people, comedians, movie actors, singers, and artists as well,” explains Stephen Edwards, the man behind the project.

“We’ve got some big names in there, but equally there will be people that aren’t so well known but are really fantastic, because we wanted to get that mix. And the people taking part aren’t only from Liverpool, it was never just about the city, it’s about doing a song of solidarity for everyone.”

Gerry Marsden, who recorded and had a huge hit with You’ll Never Walk Alone back in 1963, has had a very personal involvement in this project.

“Since the pandemic began and people adopted the song all over the world, there have been so many different versions recorded and people have been asking ‘where’s Gerry’s?’,” says Stephen. “We’ll actually be the 53rd version to be released in the past few weeks, but the difference with ours is, we were the only ones to pick up the phone and get Gerry involved.

“Gerry and his daughter Yvonne have been amazing and couldn’t do enough to help. He actually gave us the backing track that he and George Martin made, and we were able to send it out with the words to everyone who was taking part. So they’re all singing along to the original Gerry Marsden and George Martin version of You’ll Never Walk Alone which is incredible.”

Stephen, who’s a Liverpool artist, came up with the idea soon after the coronavirus outbreak.

“The whole idea was to get people out there singing, not for money or for a particular cause, just to bring them together,” he explains.


“I work in the industry, I’m an artist, and I’d just finished doing some scenic art at the Royal Court. I got in touch with Stephen Fletcher, who’s an actor, he opened his phone book, I opened mine, and we just took it from there.”

Among those who recorded themselves singing at home are The Royle Family’s Sue Johnston and former Corrie actress Julie Hesmondhalgh who played Hayley Cropper. The leads from the theatre production of Cilla who played Cilla, Gerry and his wife Pauline are on there too, along with Liverpool artist Gary Sollars, one of those who made a non-singing contribution.

All the different recordings have now been pieced together, along with a montage of video edited and created by Lee and Michele at Planet Broken Blueprint here in Liverpool, and a special message from Gerry at the beginning and end.

The result, Gerry and Friends Solidarity Song, will be launched this Friday, April 24, from 7pm on Planet Broken Blueprint’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. It will be distributed worldwide on the same day by Warner Music.

“We’d like people follow us then they can download it, share it and then hopefully next Thursday we’ll all be standing on our doorsteps singing it together when we’re out there clapping for the NHS,” says Stephen.

“Our recording is about all the key workers, not only the NHS, so we’re saying thank you to the bin men, to the teachers, to the supermarket workers, everybody including the NHS and care workers of course.

“it’s not fundraising, it’s not about publicising anyone, it’s a gift to everyone.”



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