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Watch as the man behind the Giants gets a giant Liverpool accolade


We sent our camera to St. George’s Hall as Jean-Luc of Royal De Luxe was awarded the city’s highest honour, the Freedom of the City of Liverpool.

What is the Freedom of the City of Liverpool? Well it means Jean-Luc can now herd cattle through the streets of the city, no seriously he can if he wants! But why would he do that when he has already walked his giants through town!

The creative director wowed more than three million people with Sea Odyssey, Memories of August 1914 and, the final act of the trilogy, Liverpool’s Dream, received the Freedom of the City at St George’s Hall for ‘his outstanding contribution to the city’.

At the same time, the Nantes-based company he founded, Royal de Luxe, were admitted to the Freedom Roll of Associations and Institutions.

The honour comes following last October’s Liverpool’s Dream event which has been hailed as the region’s biggest, and most successful-ever free event, attracting 1.3million people and generating £60.6m for the local economies.

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