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Watch as we find out about the Merseyside Homeless Games 2017


The Homeless Games kicks off this week, running on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of April right here in Liverpool giving Liverpool’s homeless the opportunity of being a sports superstar for the day. The games will be taking place at Wavertree Sports Centre.

Eric Houghton founded the games and spoke to our Matt Jones about what we can expect and why they are so important. Watch the chat above.

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Eric’s experience of life living on the streets and his alcoholism led him to  being Captain of the England team in the first Homeless World Cup in 2003 resulting in his continual involvement for the last 10 years.

Eric has always been passionate about football, and after meeting Dave Morton they got together to expand and set up the Merseyside Homeless Games, covering more than just footie.

That was the spark that resulted in Eric’s vision, a vision of a multi-sport event on a global scale that would give opportunity to all those affected by homelessness, regardless of background, where everyone was treated as equals, where everyone was an athlete who just happened to be homeless. An opportunity to progress their lives, to get advice on health and well-being, both physical and mental. A chance to explore education and training, to enhance career prospects and all through the catalyst of sport.

Whatever their physical prowess and capabilities or possible disabilities, open to all, allowing the breaking down of barriers. Barriers of all types including geographic, governmental, financial and physical.

The homeless games are working in partnership with the MAS, Liverpool City Council and Healthy Foods Online.

You can find  out more online by giving the Facebook a LIKE here.



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