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Watch as we take you backstage for Lost Soul 2 at Liverpool’s Royal Court


A brand new sequel has made its debut at The Court. Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head! is on until 6 July written by legendary Liverpool writer, Dave Kirby and you are going to love it.

Watch above as our Lindz who stars in the show has a catch up and a giggle with fellow cast members Cath Rice & Bobby Schofield.

The original Lost Soul began in 2007 looking at the lives of Smigger, Pat, Donna and Terry as they dealt with modern life passing them by while they yearned for the good old days.

50,000 people came to see that smash hit comedy and it really struck a note with a generation who spent their youths in the soul music clubs of the 1970s and 80s.

The original cast are back for the show, which begins a few months after the original Lost Soul finishes. Jake Abraham, Lindzi Germain, Catherine Rice, Andrew Schofield and Lenny Wood all return to their roles. Bob Eaton will direct again and the set design is by Jocelyn Meall.

Smigger’s having a mid-life crisis. All he wants to do is roll back the years and dance to 70s’ soul music with Donna, Terry and Pat. But since the grandkid came along, Donna hasn’t been interested in their usual Sunday nights in town (or much else). 

Their daughter hasn’t helped, lumbering them with the baby most weekends while she’s out with the dad. Well, maybe the dad (it’s a one in four chance). Smigger’s had enough, his head’s wrecked and he’s not having it any more. 

Smigger, Donna, Terry and Pat will take us from Scottie road to Pontins Prestatyn to Liverpool’s over-40’s Sunday night pub scene for endless laughter set to a 70s’ soul soundtrack that will have you dancing out of the Royal Court and strutting straight down to Smokie Mo’s. 
Dave Kirby said: “Twelve years ago, Lost Soul opened at the Royal Court. Two more runs and over 50,000 jubilant people later I finally got round to writing a sequel after being asked about 50,000 times!  The mid-life crisis theme continues with real characters, real humour and a real buzz about the script, all woven together by the original cast and great 70’s soundtrack. Look forward to seeing another 50,000 jubilant people.”

Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head runs from Friday 7 June to Saturday 6 July 2019. Tickets and information are available from or on 0151 709 4321



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