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Watch: Come and meet the incredible people at Ronald McDonald House Liverpool


Providing a home away from home, we take you inside ‘Mac House’.

Ronald McDonald House Liverpool is an independent charity and provides a home away from home for families with seriously ill children at neighbouring Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Affectionately known as ‘Mac House’ the facility enables parents to stay, free of charge and close to their children’s’ bedside, while they’re receiving care and treatment.

Mac House provides families with a safe, comfortable place to sleep, cook and stay connected to their children. Mac House also has quiet lounges, sibling play areas and gardens and most importantly, amazing staff who go above and beyond to support families through the toughest times imaginable.

This is what happened when our Jay visited Ronald McDonald House Liverpool to find out more. 

A Tour Of Mac House

Ronald McDonald House has been established for 25 years, and sits in the grounds of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The independent charity relies solely on donations from supporters, and over the years has accommodated over 32,000 families and enabled them to stay close to their sick child at the hospital.

Some of the families stay at Mac House for weeks, months, or even years. The longest staying family has lived at the house for ten years. Having a place to call home close to your child at such a critical time, without having to worry about the financial burden is so important, and every family who stays at Mac House stays free of charge, thanks to donations from supporters.

Meet The Mac House Staff

Mac House supports families whilst they are going through the hardest time of their lives. At the house, as well as staff who can offer help and support, there are also other ways that the burden is eased. Each week, staff and volunteers prepare a meal for families staying with us. It’s a small way of making sure the families are looked after. A £30 donation covers the cost of a family staying at Mac House, and ensuring they are minutes away from their sick child.

Who Stays At Mac House?

For most of our families, arriving at Mac House is unexpected. Many families don’t know how long they will be with us for, and in some cases it can be months or even years. Having a place to call home, which is close to your sick child is so important. On one of the room plaques, it says ‘Alder hey saves children, Mac House saves families.’ It’s a lovely way to sum up the work done by Mac House.

To find out more about Ronald McDonald House Liverpool head to .You can follow @MacHouse_AH on Twitter or check out the official Facebook page here. 



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