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WATCH: How to book your Covid vaccine in Liverpool


Vaccinations have been our most effective weapon in the fight against Covid, in Liverpool and right across the UK and the world.

More than 278,000 people in the city have already had at least their first dose, so that’s over 60% of everyone aged 16 and over.

The jabs have saved lives, helped reduce transmission and given people protection even from new variants of the virus.

Watch above as Gem receives her first jab and speaks to vaccinator Diane about how rewarding her role has been.

Cases are increasing again in Liverpool, just as they are in many places around the country. Figures for the week up to June 28 showed every area except Old Swan registering a rise. The highest rate per 100,000 is now in the 18-24 age group, and the lowest is in over-65s.

Covid hasn’t gone away, but we’d all love to get back to as normal life as possible, so that’s why we need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep down hospitalisations and the number of people losing their lives.

It’s never been easier to get one

There are lots more options than there were at the beginning of the vaccination programme so it really is very easy to find a centre and a day and time to suit you. The new vaccination hub in the Mersey Ferries building at the Pier Head is especially handy if you live and work in town. It’s open seven days a week too. You just need to get yourself an appointment by going on or calling 119.

You can book one at GP site that’s close to home

The national NHS Booking System used to only offer vaccination appointments slots for regional vaccination centres, some local pharmacies and hospital-based vaccination sites, but now all of the GP vaccination sites in Liverpool are also included. That makes it even simpler to book one at a convenient time and place.

Everyone over 18 can get one

If you’re over 18 you don’t have to wait to be notified that you’re eligible to get jabbed – you are! Liverpool stats are showing that so far only 23% of under-25s have had their first dose compared with over 70% of people 45+ so, with case numbers now highest in young people, they’re being encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

If you’ve already been contacted but not booked, don’t worry

You haven’t missed your chance, you’re still eligible and can book your appointments any time.

You can get one at a drop-in clinic without an appointment

There’s no booking needed to get vaccinated at a drop-in clinic and they generally offer first and second doses of both AstraZeneca and Pfizer. There are dates available until the end of July at sites around Liverpool. Go on the website here to find out where the drop-in clinics are and when.

A second dose will give you even more protection

The first one should help protect you from three or four weeks after you’ve had it, but you need two to get stronger, longer-lasting protection so don’t be tempted just to skip it. Second doses are now being fast-tracked for anyone aged over 40, so you don’t have to wait 12 weeks, you can have one in eight instead. Just go on the website to rebook and remember to cancel any other appointment slot so someone else can have it.

It’s the best way to keep yourself, family and friends and everyone else safe

Research has shown that being vaccinated reduces your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from Covid, it reduces your risk of catching or spreading the virus and it protects against variants. Vaccines have saved more than 13,000 lives in the UK according to Public Health England.

It’s quick and usually painless

Most people say they feel hardly anything when they get jabbed, and if you’re scared of needles? Just look away. If you do get any side effects – like a sore arm, tiredness, fever, headache or feeling sick – they tend to be mild and go after a few days.


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