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WATCH: Merseyside Police gun surrender ends, with 14 viable weapons taken off our streets


Yesterday marked the end of Merseyside Police’s two week gun surrender in Merseyside.

The surrender ran from 22nd November and aimed to encourage members of the public to hand in their now illegal weapons and do their bit to keep the community safe.

The surrender follows a change in the law that came into effect on 22nd September which made it illegal for certain antique firearms to be owned by members of the public without appropriate certification.

Merseyside Police Gun Surrender

During the surrender 14 viable guns were handed in, comprising of shotguns, revolvers and self-loading pistols as well as 9 blank firers, 12 air weapons and a quantity of ammunition.

Chief Superintendent and Head of Investigations Mark Kameen said:

“Regardless of whether a gun is viable or not, if one of these weapons was pointed at someone, it would definitely scare them and that is reason enough to take them off our streets.

Merseyside Police Gun Surrender

“In addition to this, the 14 viable weapons we had handed in have the ability to injure and kill someone, again showing the importance of this surrender.

“This change in the law means that those legitimately owning an ‘antique’ gun can still do so, providing they have the correct licence and those that do not, were urged to take this opportunity to hand it to us.

Merseyside Police Gun Surrender

“I am grateful to those members of the public who have reacted positively over the past two weeks, as well as officers and staff who have all been working together behind the scenes to ensure the surrender is organised and guns are made safe. Each and every one of you have been responsible in protecting your loved ones, neighbours and wider community.”

If you know someone in possession of a weapon illegally, please get in touch via 101, DM Merseyside Police on social media or call Crimestoppers anonymously.

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