WATCH: We find out what people think of 'Our Lady of Blundellsands' as it returns to the Everyman Theatre - The Guide Liverpool

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WATCH: We find out what people think of ‘Our Lady of Blundellsands’ as it returns to the Everyman Theatre



Eighteen months after it took a pandemic pause, Jonathan Harvey’s Our Lady of Blundellsands is back and bringing in full houses again at the Everyman.

And Josie Lawrence returns too, in the central role of Sylvie – one of two sisters around which the tale of family secrets, brutal home truths and fantasies unfolds.

Written with trademark sharp one-liners, big characters and cleverly woven storylines, Our Lady is the perfect way for the theatre to welcome audiences after 18 months away.

“The times have been so uncertain with so many concerns for people that to come out and have a great night at the theatre with a great piece of writing, performances and design is just pure escapism,” says Everyman chief executive Mark Da Vanzo.

“What’s brilliant about Jonathan Harvey is that he can tell a really relevant story of today and still make it funny but quite hard-hitting as well. 

“He’s so astute at capturing everyday life and putting it on the stage, weaving in this phenomenal story, and because the dialogue is so conversational the characters feel like they could be in your own home.”

Watch as we chat with Jonathan Harvey about the show and where the inspiration behind it came from:

The Everyman was thrilled that Josie was able to reprise her Our Lady role alongside new cast members.

“Josie gives a stellar performance as Sylvie so of course we are loving having her back,” says Mark.

“We retained three from the original cast and the three new actors have done an incredible job of making those characters come alive. 

“There’s an energy in the theatre when audiences come in, they’re excited about seeing the show and we’re excited about presenting it to them. 

“It feels like a bookend to the time when theatres were closed and we were having to do things socially-distanced or reduced, like a returning home. It’s just a jubilant feeling.”

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