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What will a visit to a spa be like in the coming months? We asked Suites Hotel & Spa boss Lyndsay Tyer


It’s been around three months since any of us have been able to treat ourselves to a relaxing massage or an invigorating facial, but the good news is we’re just weeks away from spas and salons re-opening their doors on Merseyside.

If ever there was a time we needed a bit of a pampering, this is it, and July 4 will be the day when we can all begin to book in again.

It will look a little different after lockdown and COVID-19, but it will be as therapeutic as ever, says Lyndsay Tyer, from Suites Hotel and Spa – and, crucially, it will be safe.

“We have put a number of additional measures in place to ensure our clients and our staff are totally protected,” says Lyndsay, general manager of the 4-star venue in Knowsley. “Sanitising stations, distancing procedures and staggered times are just some of the practises we have introduced to ensure that everyone is safe, and we are conforming to necessary guidelines.

“People might get a shock when they come in and see screens in reception, and requests to respect each other’s space, but it’s all for their benefit and that of those who work here.”

She says lots of customers have been phoning in to ask when they can book in so it will be nice to be able to offer their treatments again.

“The ‘want’ is there and people are definitely keen to get back to normal life and look forward to all the things they used to,” adds Lyndsay. “But, of course, they want to be assured they can do so safely.

“While many of the procedures were carried out before to ensure cleanliness and quality, they’ve obviously been added to. Compass Hotels, of which we are now a part, has created a National Accreditation and programme in the wake of Covid-19 that it’s putting all its hotels through.

“It will take time to build confidence again. But although some things will have changed, one thing that won’t have altered will be the warm welcome we’ll be waiting with!”

We asked Lyndsay to take us through the changes you can expect to see at The Spa @ Suites Hotel and others across Merseyside.

Treatment times will be limited and staggered so individuals can arrive alone, and full social distancing measures will be in place.

Spa staff will be wearing PPE and will accompany guests to designated areas.

All gloves, aprons and masks will be single-use (gloves/mitts for treatments have always been single-use and will continue to be so).

Each visitor will have their own regulated time in the locker/changing room to make sure numbers are constantly limited.

Robes are already washed and sanitised after every use, and slippers will be single-use.

The number of treatments offered has been reduced to be able to guarantee their safety. This will be developed as time and new-working experiences develop and packages will be tailored to customers’ preferences).

The entire spa area will be sanitised at 4am daily with additional areas sanitised throughout the day. This includes individual treatment rooms which will be given over to each new client for the whole of their visit and sanitised thoroughly after each use.

There will be hand sanitising stations – 48 in total across the hotel, spa and leisure area – and areas with wipes for use.

Screened off areas will be introduced to the nail and pedi suite.

The pool and jacuzzi area will be in use with extra cleaning in addition to the chlorine already added.

In the spa bistro, eating times will again be staggered to ensure smaller numbers and appropriate distancing.

Lyndsay says: “Much of the problem is the unknown and we understand that, but we will make sure that we can provide our services safely while ensuring clients have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

“And that is something that’s needed more than ever right now.

“When mental health is in everyone’s minds after the crisis and lockdown, we can help to give a little comfort, relaxation and that feeling of well-being.

“People need to be together, they need to get back with friends and family, and they need to have quality time.

“They just need to know they can enjoy that safely, and there are measures in place so they can.”

To keep up to date with Suites Hotel and Spa visit the website here.

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