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Why Bramley-Moore dock should fill every Everton fan with hope

2 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

Why Bramley-Moore dock should fill every Everton fan with hope

As far as false dawns go, fans of Everton Football Club could be described as experts in the field. With the breaking ground on Bramley-Moore Dock, however, we could be seeing something finally happen.

Since the much heralded arrival of Farhad Moshiri, the club’s ambition seems to finally be in sync with the funds to get things done. But what does the building of a modern super stadium mean to us and, perhaps more importantly, what are we leaving behind? 

Goodison Park

Goodison Park can be described in many ways. Archaic, wooden and dishevelled are all words frequently used in reference to the place. In contrast, the words atmospheric, intimidating, vociferous are often used too. She is the old lady of British football stadiums, a confined cauldron which inspires the home team and intimidates the visitors. Can this type of atmosphere, achieved after thousands of home games be replicated? Only time will tell. But allow me to explain why I think a move to a new ground is just what the doctor ordered for The Blues.

Everton are being left behind. Once regarded as a member of the original ‘Big 5’, we are not even considered to be in the top 6 clubs anymore. The need for corporate income has never been more prevalent in football and the move to Bramley-Moore is the means to introduce said money. Football is still our beautiful game but it is also a business. Clubs are now ran completely as such. Indeed with Bill Kenwright we could be one of the last bastions of having true fan presence in the boardroom (and even Bill is no longer the primary shot caller at Everton).

We have lived through the disastrous Peter Johnson years and the ludicrous promises of new stadiums at Kirkby or Stanley Park. This is indeed the first tangible evidence of genuine change at the club. Bramley Moore represents the future and our ambition. When the first diggers broke ground it was as much a symbolic gesture as a literal one. It will be remembered as the first brick laid in the new chapter of Everton, the first step toward change.

Let’s also not forget about the economic benefits the new construction will bring to the city. Not only will jobs be created but extra revenue for the cities bars, restaurants and hotels will be generated too. The loss of heritage status from UNESCO not withstanding this is an entirely beneficial addition to our city. People fear change and that is understandable but it’s also. entirely necessary. You only have to look at Liverpool One to realise the energy and benefit new developments have made to our city.

All this being said, I’ll still watch the demolition of Goodison Park with tears in my eyes. Over the years she has been a great source of pride, inspiration, comfort and happiness to four generations of my family. We will miss her fiercely and she’ll never be replaced in our hearts. But from her ashes a new phoenix will rise. Bramley-Moore Dock will be our salvation, our new muse. It is there we will celebrate and commiserate with each other. It’s been a long time coming but now we are so close we can almost touch it . Ground has been broken in more ways than one and I can’t wait to see what new memories we will make in our new home at Bramley-Moore.

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By Richie Elder


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