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Why it rocks to be Scouse & Single at Christmas


Forget matching xmas jumpers and snogs under the mistletoe, tis the season to be Scouse & Single.

Christmastime can feel a bit like couples’ central what with cheesy cards and rom coms on the box, but we’re here to fly the flag of singledom because bossing it on your own has never been more fun. Whether this is your first outing as a Christmas single, or it’s been a few years, it’s worth remembering all the amazing things that are in your favour at this time of year and Liverpool is the place to do it.

Here’s why it’s actually pretty awesome to be Scouse & Single at Christmas….

Family Drama

Scouse families are HUGE and when it comes to deciding who’s mum & dads you’re going to for Christmas, you’re seriously testing the strength of your relationship. Who’s ma do you upset first? Well, not something you have to worry about when you’re a single Pringle ready to accept every house party, Christmas day, boxing day bevy invitation with gusto.

Forget your P’s and Q’s, get waited on hand and foot at home, pop the prosecco anytime knowing you don’t have to travel to see the ‘in-laws’ and put all the Quality Street wrappers back in the box, because you can, without ended up filing for divorce.

Who Run The World?

It’s a given that you’ll likely get a bit of flack, probably from an older relative, about being single/still at home/basically not following the 1940’s version of happily ever after. We suggest combatting this with a loud, karaoke rendition of ‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainer or ‘Run the World’ by Beyoncé in their general direction. Dance routines optional.

To Me, from Me

Ever go Christmas shopping and see loads of stuff for yourself? Well, without a fella or prinny to buy for, you can go wild in the aisles and treat yourself instead! Tis the season to be generous so go on, buy yourself that new Fitbit, Beats or Michael Kors handbag at Liverpool ONE. Bottom line is, you’ll cherish it more than a Lynx giftset anyway.

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Say Yes to the Bevs

Going out in Liverpool over Christmas is the best. Works parties start straight after Bonfire Night, and there’s just this brilliant buzz about the place that makes you want to say yes to a ‘quick drink’ after work because you know, ‘it’s Christmas’. And guess what, you can. Without having to think about anyone else!

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Mates Dates

Speaking of the social aspect of Christmas, it’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your mates. Christmas present shopping, hair and nail appointments, match days, Christmas markets, afternoon teas with lashings of prosecco-ho-ho, however you like to let your hair down, get some dates in the diary with your mates this winter.

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Get Up & Go


Got yourself an extended Christmas break from work? Don’t want to spend it scrolling through endless ‘perfect couples’ festive pics on Instagram wondering why you’re back in the box room at your mums inhaling Cadbury Heroes for breakfast? Then get up and go. Why not book yourself a little mini getaway? As a singleton you don’t have to consider anyone else’s leave or holidays, or be arsed waiting while they hunt for their passport the day of the flight.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport flies to tonnes of European destinations so a little jaunt to continent could be less than 90 mins away. Wait til all the married lot see your updates from the beach/slopes/Christmas markets in Bavaria. Prost to that!

Swipe Left on Dating

Let’s be honest here, if you met the fella or girl of your dreams now, this close to the big day, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to achieve an Instagram-perfect Christmas day picture, it would be weird, wouldn’t it? So why not take a break, revel in being around your crazy ass family and be the one dependable mate who’s there for hair wanding, pjay parties, last minute cinema trips, karaoke or a quick pint down the pub. Mister and Missus can wait.

Independence Day

Yes we know it’s an American holiday and it happens in July and involves Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom saving the world, but our version is more about looking after number one. This time of year is associated with cosy nights in, romantic comedies on the box, showing how much you care about someone with token gifts or even proposal celebrations, and it can be hard to not feel left out.

How about celebrating your independence this Christmas? Revel in the fact that you’re doing pretty darn good all by yourself! Go and listen to a beautiful carol service, get some winter fresh air, grab a window seat with an Irish coffee and people watch without needing the attention or approval of someone else. Ps- you’re totally allowed to buy yourself a pressie for this achievement too. Winner.

What’s the best thing about being single at Christmas? Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with your thoughts and we’ll share the best on our socials.



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