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Wife of bomb blast taxi driver David Perry says it’s a miracle he survived


The wife of the taxi driver injured in the horrific bomb blast at Liverpool Women’s Hospital has said he is ‘lucky to be alive’.

And she added: “How he managed to escape is an utter miracle. He certainly had some guardian angels looking over him.”

David Perry picked up a passenger from the Rutland Avenue area of Sefton Park shortly before 11am yesterday but, as he arrived at the drop off point at The Women’s Hospital, an explosive device, thought to have been made and carried by the passenger – who was later pronounced dead – detonated from within the car.

Mr Perry escaped from the vehicle and, although he was injured, the injuries were not life-threatening and he was later released from hospital.

His wife has said she wanted to thank everyone who had messaged them, and she added: “He is doing okay but (is) extremely sore, and just trying to process what’s happened.

“There are rumours flying around about him being a hero and locking the passenger in the car, but the truth of the matter is, he is without doubt, lucky to be alive.”

She thanked the ‘amazing’ hospital staff who had looked after him following the incident, as well as the police officers who had been looking after them too.

“We’re so thankful,” she said. “Let’s pray this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”


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